Wild dog suffocating in plastic jar rescued

Wild dog suffocating in plastic jar rescued
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A wild dog had gotten his head stuck in a plastic jar and was barely able to breath. Watch his rescue!

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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Awwww!! Thankyou for saving this dog from what would've been an agonizing death had you guys not taken that jar off it's head. It sure did bolt fast. Wow! Thanks for saving me…Cyaaaaaaaaaaa!! haha!

  2. I'm here just to WARN YOU guys that some people make FAKE RESCUE VIDEOS in order to get views and money from Youtube.

    People should be aware of that.

    Keep your eyes open.

    Don't be fooled by fake rescuers.

    Don't let fake rescuers get money from Youtube ads.


    "KM Animal"

    "KM Daily"

    "net daily"

  3. when were going to a road a white dog and a honoured was walking by our side and when a dog run a car hit the dog the dog was crying and the honoured take to the hospital( pet hospital) and i dont know it is save or ……. its a true story i saw it it is real

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