Why Foster a Dog

Why Foster a Dog
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Volunteers at the Little Rock Animal Village talk about why fostering dogs is important. Fostering helps to socialize the dog before they’re adopted. Fostering also opens up much needed space at the shelter so that other dogs can receive care and find potential homes. No special skills are needed to foster a dog, just lots of love!

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  1. I foster small mammals like hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and rats. I love them all so much and I truly make a difference in their life! These animals need fostering so much even though they need it just as much as puppies or cats!

  2. My family is going to foster a dog for a non profit in my area that finds temporary homes for pets whose owners are trying to get financially stable and trying to find homes, so the pets don't have to be surrendered to a shelter. I'm suuuppperrr excited ❤❤❤

  3. I have a video on my channel of two of my foster pups! It's so rewarding! They are Shih Tzu mixes that were found in a dumpster in Texas 🙁

  4. I used to have a dog. It was an English bulldog, but we had to leave it behind because my father said it short muzzle might give him breathing problems and he probably wouldn't make it. I miss him, but if it's true, than it must be done. 1 like equals happy moments with your pet pooch!

  5. lovely ladies 🙂
    unfortunately dog fosteting is not common in Germany even though i suggested it many times to different shelters.

  6. Im fostering a dog, and my parents said that if we like it we get to keep it 🙂 It's not just 'Feed it, Love it, Bring it back'. If you truly get attached, you can adopt it. It's amazing what dogs can do to a humans heart 🙂

  7. I really want to foster one, but I don't know how to ask to foster one should I go to my local humane society and ask, but how do I ask

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