TOP 10 cute animals that were shot with finger guns (dogs cats hamsters tricks)

TOP 10 cute animals that were shot with finger guns (dogs cats hamsters tricks)
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Top 10 cute animals that were shot with finger guns it has Cats, dogs and hamsters all getting shot with fingers. animals playing dead.

Hey guys and welcome to listed
And if you’re watching this video and your barber has not set your hair on fire, you’re doing better than this guy.
in today’s video I will be looking at the top 10
I wanted to call this video finger banging animals but well ha ha it’s a joke if you don’t understand then comment below
I have dogs, dolphin, cats and hamster all getting finger shoot by their owners. shot with finger guns And just for fun have you ever taught an animal any tricks then comment what you taught them below. ? if you like this video then please give it thumbs up and subscribe to listed for more weekly lists style videos. So lets being the top 10 animals that where shot with a finger guns.

The first clip on the top 10 animals that get shoot by the finger gun, if you don’t know what this is then the next clip will explain perfectly. shot with finger guns we have a guy shooting his cat with his finger. Who knew that you could train a cat to actually do tricks.

what better than a performing cat well a performing hamster watch this little fella die on cue when he is shot with fingers.

Next clip just proves that cats are stubborn creatures. Like most of these animlas they get shot and go down on the first finger shoot, not this guy. Its takes 2 very high powered shots to take it down. Check this out. shot with finger guns

what you witness in the next clip is doggy murder, well its not really, but if doggy Oscars exists then this top would be the winner.
check out the way he throws his body and head back when he gets shot.

Next up on the top 10 animals that get finger shoot we have a dog that some people might call slow or heart broken that
he was shot by his owner either wy this one is funny so check this out.

Again this next clip amazes me I had no idea cats had any brains at all. Other than to crap everywhere in your garden.
again a bit slow of the acting this cat nails i. watch this one.

The next dog has clearly taken some acting lessons and is ready for her moment to shine.
here it is.

Not to outdone by your stand cat and dog video. This parrot clearly wanted a piece f the finger shooting fun. again this clip amazes me as parrots normal are quite happy pecking at a reflection of them self in a mirror for 17 hours a day. not this little guy check him out.

Nearly at the end and we have a dog getting finger shot by hopefully its owner, and boy does he milk it turning around 100 times before giving the camera a good stare. Ha ha.

Last clip on the top ten 10 animals that get finger shoot video we have a dolphin. or it could be a human in a dolphin suit let me know if you think this is a human dressed as dolphin in the comments below. im [pretty sure it is. But what ever this is a good clip to end the clips.

Thanks for watching the top 10 animals that where shot with a finger guns. But as you have gotten this far then why not subscribe to listed for more weekly list style videos. And given this one a thumbs up. Also check out my other videos that are showing on the screen, Until next time see you later.


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  1. i have to apoligise.. when i saw this video i thought it was about shooting rubberbands at animals.. i was kinda pissed.. but in watching it i now see what you were trying to say… sorry <3 u

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