Korean Food in Seoul – Spicy Hairtail Fish Stew 갈치조림 (Day 6)

Korean Food in Seoul - Spicy Hairtail Fish Stew 갈치조림 (Day 6)
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On Day 6 in Seoul we first went to Noryangjin Fish Market to eat some Korean raw fish, and then we ate, what is now one of my favorite Korean foods, known as galchi jorim (갈치조림), or braised hairtail fish stew.

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1:16 Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market – If you love food, visiting Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market when you’re in Seoul is a great idea. It’s one of the biggest central fish markets in Seoul, and you’ll find just about every type of seafood you can imagine and more. After walking around for a while I bought a plate of hwareo hoe, which is sliced Korean style raw fish. Starting the day with some breakfast raw fish is a great idea.

6:02 Braised Hairtail Fish (Galchi Jorim 갈치조림) – I know I’ve been to Namdaemun Market about 3 times in this Seoul travel and food guide series, but that’s because there’s so much good food in that area. When I was eating oxtail soup a few days before, I noticed the Namedaemun Hairtail Alley, and I knew it was a place I wanted to come back to. So today I persuaded my wife and her sisters to go. The Galchi Jorim (갈치조림), or braised hairtail fish stew turned out to be one of my new favorite Korean foods. It was spicy, not sweet, full of chili flavor, and the pieces of hairtail fish were delicious.

11:48 Train from Yongsan Station in Seoul to Jeonju – After lunch and after doing a little more walking around, we took Ying’s sisters to the train station to go back to the airport, and Ying and I continued onto Yongsan station, and caught our train to Jeonju. The train ride took about 1.5 hours and we arrived to begin our Korean food adventure in Jeonju.

Welcome to Jeonju! Many more videos to come.

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  1. Just for your reference, It's not Daikon Mark. Daikon is Japanse radish. Korean radish is a different kind. Btw thanks much for all your lovely videos which I and my wife are enjoying a lot these days.

  2. I'm Korean and living in the vicinity of Noryangjin fishery market. and Let me explain to you how to eat the fish 갈치 that you had in Namdaemun market. You know, eating 갈치 is very bothersome because it has too many prickles in it but once you know how to eradicate the prickles, it can be very amicable cuisine from now on . Hold a piece first and get rid of side edge prickles at one go by your teeth or chopsticks and then you can easily get rid of the prickles of both sides and just os centrale remains. that is the best condition that you can enjoy 갈치 without any difficulties or vexation. If you have 갈치 like mark did, your throat get stuck with lots of prickles.

  3. Watching your videos always make me so happy, and full! strangely, haha.. Plus you're honest with your reviews and that's really refreshing and you always look like you're enjoying yourself so really, such a joy to watch. Thanks, Mark, for showing wonderful things and amazing foods, keep it up!

  4. i swear i have never seen anyone so consistently positive, do a blooper vid of you losing your shiz lol
    twitter Wooden_MariaGO saying hi again xxx

  5. Thank you very much for the video Mark.


  6. Love when you say something is ok that's how we all know it's not ok??????if it doesnt get the mark wiens signature face it ain't worth it

  7. The lady serving you at the hairtail place is keep saying sah-bi-ce ("service"). It is konglish (korean english) meaning "on the house". Lol looks like she gave you some extra dishes for free!

  8. When I eat new food I also love to eat it with different style and I see in all your videos that u do that. You are so genuine and the way you eat make its looks extra delicious. ?

  9. Mark, I am a Korean culinary tour leader in Jeonju, and surprisingly you know what are into foods by just tasting the food, you first time had. Very good..and impressive. Dan Gray and I used to work together in Seoul…in early 2010…
    Great to see you and you will be in Jeonju on the next episode..Hope to meet you when you come to Jeonju the next time.

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