A piece of string almost cost dog his legs

A piece of string almost cost dog his legs
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The string was knotted tightly around two of his legs, and this handsome young dog was in an extremely dangerous situation. Blood supply had been reduced to a trickle. The swelling in his legs caused by constricted veins threatened to become necrotic (dead) tissue, and if a few more days had passed like this, gorgeous Jitu would have died. Very likely an unknowing child did this to him. But a bright little boy found this suffering street dog, and told his father, who called Animal Aid to the rescue. Jitu’s suffering must have gone on for several days before he collapsed in agony. But thanks to you, we saved him. Meet sweet Jitu today. Please donate, because rescue gives animals back their lives. www.animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate/


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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Hey guess what, the person that did that to him, IMA FIND THAT PERSON AND SEND THEM TO HELL. And tie a string around their neck! ? WHOS WITH ME!!! ??⚔️

  2. To the almost 200 people who disliked this, you better undo it, apologize, and be grateful that I just saved your soul of sin

  3. Every single people that rescued/adopted an animal, deserves EVERETHING from this planet….you have all my love and respect guys… keep going and one day god is going to have a lot of care of you❤️

  4. Why are there so many abandoned and open wells , derelict buildings and open pits. The concept of Safety is non existent in some places in India. Happy that things ended well here. By and large Indians are a very loving and happy people and am sure the safety angle will improve.

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