Best Sushi in Japan – Tsukiji Fish Market to $300 HIGH-END SUSHI in Tokyo! | Japanese Food

Best Sushi in Japan - Tsukiji Fish Market to $300 HIGH-END SUSHI in Tokyo! | Japanese Food
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For this Japanese food and sushi tour, I was on the Best of Tokyo Food Tour with David from The Hungry Tourist. His tours are one of a kind and focus on deep high end food!

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NOTE: In saying “Best Sushi in Japan”, I’m not saying this particular restaurant is the best sushi in Japan, but that the sushi journey, from Tsukiji fish auction, to the middle man who the best sushi chefs in the world get their tuna from (where we visited), to the omakase style of eating sushi – it’s the entire process that’s the best in the world of sushi.

We started off by going to the Tsukiji Fish Market tuna auction, that takes place early in the morning. The famous fish market is the biggest tuna auction in the world, and the best tuna that you get just about anywhere in the world for top end sushi restaurants comes through Tsukiji Market. We met up with Sushi Master Hiro Sato, who brought us around the market and took us to the Tuna King (Yamaguki), who is known for buying tuna and reselling on the best tuna to the best of the best of sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

It was fascinating to have an opportunity to visit Tsukiji Market for the fish auction, and to see the tuna being sliced in front of your eyes.

Sushi Arai (鮨 あらい) – For dinner, we had reservations a t one of the best restaurants in Tokyo for sushi, a restaurant called Sushi Arai. Our Best of Tokyo food tour had the entire 8 seater restaurant to ourselves, and it was pure joy to watch the chefs as they assembled each mini plate of food. Then it was time for sushi, and Chef Arai is a master, he literally just flies with his hands, gathering the fish in one hand and the ball of rice in the other, combining each bite with wasabi and molding them together. This was one of the best sushi experiences I’ve ever had in my life, and the quality, balance, and perfection of the sushi, is next level.

Price – About 34,000 JPY ($300) per person

It was an amazing day of learning about the best sushi in Japan, both from the Tsukiji Market auction side, and the distribution of the tuna, all the way to eating at one of the top luxury sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

Thank you to The Hungry Tourist for inviting me on The Best of Tokyo Food Tour.
I didn’t personally pay for the food in this video.

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  1. I hate how he puts the food in his mouth and gives a reaction before he can even chew it and get satiated on all his taste buds. You can tell its not a genuine reaction but a default response so there's no awkward pauses while we wait for him to taste the food. He just gives a reaction for the sake of it lol.

  2. Ok I thought it was just me who thought he made the same faces and explained everything with "ohhhh". Then I read the comments and was like ohhhhhh ???

  3. Eats fish, closes eyes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, opens eyes, blinks a couple time, ohhhhhhhhh, describes the fish the same way he did to the last fish

  4. アメリカン時のやつ、ハンバーガーで4000円のニューヨークであったじゃん。あれと比べて、日本の場合は、格式を重んじて、机上な態度で食べなければならない。それはあれだよね、アメリカの自由主義と、日本の資本主義がそうさせてると思う。4000円ならば、ゆっくり時間かけて食べてもらわないとならないし、40000円ならば、それだけの満足を与えないといけないって、そう思う。仮にー、800円のまぐろ丼頼むとー、8秒で出てきてー、8分でレジに行くからー、大将がー、不満を持ってー、ワサビに錆が入ってー、安い人生をー、嘆くのはー、安っぽい自分が悪いってー、最後にー、アメリカ人にー、言われるからー、伝統はなくなりー、独自路線にー、

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