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  1. El León está en grave peligro de extinción. El hombre debería intervenir, eliminando algunas hienas, por una razón obvia, que ya todos sabemos. Se dice que no debería meterse en el proceso natural pero es lo contrario, si su intervención es natural, somos naturaleza, y, además, ya bastante hemos intervenido, haciendo mal a la fauna y flora.

  2. Yo the one trying to run with one leg and they just followed him. Like what’s the point it’s over they are not going to let you go just wait till there hungry and then kill you. Even if it made it out its own would eat it.

  3. 하이에나를 죽여버리는게
    왜 그렇게 통쾌한지
    꼭 이나라에 정치하는 종자중에
    딱 한놈 그놈 같아서
    정말이지 이빨갈린다
    사자여 하이에나들을 몰살시켜라
    비겁하고 엉큼한 저 말종들하고
    똑같다 노조리 찢ㅇ죽여라

  4. что за съемки все скомкано зверь в рассвете сил или помирающий все одно хрень какая то одним словом в природе не понимают не хрена

  5. Holy It-shay! That's your best? Disjointed, low res, repetitive, no thought for sound, clips 'stolen' from other pirates, reversed, speed adjusted for stealth, terrible sound track, liberal use of remedial engrish, implausable thumb, etc., etc…….the list of crimes goes on, and on. It looks like a crackhead got ahold of the remote, and recorded the results on a VCR.
    I nominate you as 'The Pyrate King, King Of All Pirates'.

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