These Pitties Rescued Each Other | The Dodo Pittie Nation

These Pitties Rescued Each Other | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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These Pitties Rescued Each Other | These two rescue pitties are cute on their own, but together they’re magic ?

For more of these two adorable pups, you can check them out on Instagram: Special thanks to 4 R Friends for helping Jasmine find her forever home: And to sponsor Chaz’s ongoing care, you can support his rescuers at Norcal Bully Breed Rescue:

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  1. Dogs are like children the way they were raised is the way they are. Raised sweetly is sweet, raised badly is bad.

  2. in many of this video's the dogs are dressed, why are people doing that?
    the are beautiful as they are

  3. We rescued a pocket Pitbull, and named her Calie❣️? She was a purbreed pocket pitbull. Apparently these evil people figured that these pockets are so much "better" at dog fights that unfortunately these poor furbabiez are being breed like crazy ???? Plus the price tag on these poor babiez is just crazy expensive as well.
    Your furbabiez remind me of how small my baby girl was, they are short just like Calie ? Thank you for sharing your stories ❣️ Our world needs to see these videos, to show just how horrific it is for this breed especially! But also more, that these pitty breeds are not what the media perceives them as, and to show just how resilient and extremely forgiving and ultimately just how wonderful their behaviors are❣️❣️❣️

  4. My old dog had his pug bestie and it was just really sad because Bering different ages one passed away first and the pug was so sad you could just feel it

  5. The Pit Bull mix I met at a shelter had some slight skin problem. Didn't have the money to adopt but needed a dog's comfort as my dog had just passed. That Pit Bull mix was amazing! He knew how to gimme five when asked that way just like my girl and the dog gave me two big kisses and he let me kiss him on the cheek. He knew how to comfort me.

  6. Shelters do as little as possible I see and make owners do the fixing of crap they could've when surrendered what with all the donations they con out of people!

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