The Many Deaths of Michael Myers

The Many Deaths of Michael Myers
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A collection of all the times Michael Myers has been stabbed, shot, beaten and blown up all through the Halloween series.

Featuring Clips From All Movies Except 3 (Obviously) and the Remakes

Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger death compilations COMING SOON.


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  1. I die in a different way every time I see Busta Rhymes fly kick him out that window ????? Halloween Resurrection is an unintentional comedy

  2. A common characterization is that Michael Myers is evil. John Carpenter describes the character as almost a supernatural force a force of nature. An evil force thats loose, a force that is unkillable. Myers is depicted as a mystic, elusive boogeyman, one of superhuman strength who cannot be killed by bullets, stab wounds or fire.

  3. 1:41 I dont know why but Michael in that chains and net and Loomis shooting him while laurie daughter is screaming is to me a allusion or something. Her screaming sounds like a demon being put down while Michael is struggling to get out of the net. That's my take though.

  4. Michael Myers' Deaths
    1. Got shot 6 times
    2. Burned alive
    3. Got shot by firing squad,fell to mineshaft
    4. Beaten up with a piece of Wood by Loomis
    5. Got poisionus injection to neck
    6. Beaten up with a pole
    7. Electrecuted
    8. Got shot by firing squad

  5. Let's see How traumatized is Michael Myer's hmm let's see he's been shot he's been stabbed he's been burnt to crisp he's gotten ran over by a car well I'd say he's been very traumatized all that trauma you would think he'd be dead by now but nope Michael Myer's just keeps on going

  6. 1:25 – should've thrown a special grenade that exploded in caltrops or such seeing as Michael had a habit of 'sticking' things into his victims … and chuck in a handful of grenades

  7. I feel bad for this girl. She always gets hunted by Michael Myers, gets her fridge invaded by ghosts, and gets attacked by aliens. But now she's living a wonderful life and rescuing sea creatures.

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