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  1. In no way shape or form am I disagreeing with u Raleigh,but I have a 24 year old horse named Dakota he has arthritis and isn’t ridden that much,but when we do get him out and ride him he is very hard mouthed and we have trained him ever since we got him at 1 years old,when we ride in parades he likes to be the lead horse so in that case a bit dose help him,but always we are never ever jerking on his mouth or being rude to his mouth,so just tell me do you think it’s wrong to use a bit on him when we have to??

  2. Love your vids Raleigh! But I slightly disagree on how you say bits are bad. If you use them gently and don’t pull, only to go to your left are right, it may actually work out!

  3. This video is all over TikTok I’ve reported it 27 times I know that it won’t stop her doing it but in her description she said ‘don’t hate the pony is having fun’ WTF is wrong with people

  4. I would even venture to say even horses that aren't well trained can be ridden without bits. I learned to ride at a trail riding facility, and 95% of the horses there are bit less and in little s hacks. They're not trained for anything but trail riding and go perfectly fine bit less, even when going faster.

  5. The girl on the black shiny horse deserved it,
    bc she was beating the fuck out of him when he was doing what she wanted him to.
    Btw that bitch conducting her sounds like a cockatoo! AAACK. AAAACK. AAACCKK. wtf does that mean! to scare the horse? XD
    Edit: ok oops. was that too harsh ?? XD

  6. When I was younger my trainer pushed me to canter when I wasn’t ready for it too. I fell off my first time cantering, and couldn’t canter again for at least a year because my anxiety got so bad. Rip

  7. Can adults riding ponies be illegal like come on people education can't be that expensive. There is a free school called common sense you should enroll. Love you RaleighLink14 you are an inspiration

  8. Wait.. ehem you got bit by a black widow……!? Please do a story time❤️ love your videos. They have helped me a lot when it comes to riding.☺️❤️

  9. God I regret giving you a view, I want to let you know, Bits are not abusive if used correctly, if they're used incorrectly, they can be abusive, You are saying that bits are abuse in general. I ride in a bit, the pony I ride is fine with it, due to her being TRAINED, some horses dislike bits, others don't, some love bits and some will freak out with one.

    As long as kids know how to ride, and they are the right height, they are safe to ride shetland ponies (in the thumbnail it looked like a shetland if i'm correct.), Look at shetland pony races, the kids aren't too big for the ponies, the kids even get MEASURED to make sure that they're the correct size for the ponies.

  10. A girl at the yard I keep my horse at recently bought a horse..about….6 or so months ago and he's only 14.2 and she's about my height (5 foot 5) and my horse is a 15.3 Irish cob (who is a weight carrier so he can carry up to 6 foot) and everytime she uses him, rides him etc she's either booting him so hard in the ribs or hitting him with a riding stick etc. You can physically see that when she trots or jumps because the saddle is so small it's moving backwards down his back and he actually had a sore back and was lame for 6 months. What's your view/opinion on this?

  11. When I rode (still do) in this place I really liked it but they were teaching us to pull on the reins when turning and at the time I did a bunch of research on horses and even watched videos about how to ride and probably all of they say to use your legs and reins (everyone knows what I’m talking about right) when you turn. So yeah

  12. Your point about comfort zone before trying the canter is so true!! I had two separate trainers force me into canter before I could even ride the trot at all properly and I fell off so many times! One of my trainers used to say "You can do what I tell you to do or you can get off my horse" so I felt like I had to push myself or I would never get the chance to learn to be better. Half of my hand and my right hip have no feeling in them anymore because of falls I took when I wasn't ready to progress but was forced into it. It made me scared to ride for months because I was young and just learning and all my experiences were bad. Thankfully I was able to get through it but I feel awful for all the people who were pushed and decided not to get back on a horse.

  13. I do agree with your way of riding but I have a horse that I have had since she was 6 months old. She used to ride in a hack but around 6 started to run through it. I do ride an Arabian who does wonderful in a hack and he is not trained properly at all and is 21. But my mare refuses to listen no matter how many times I go back to a hackamore she will always run through it. She’s 10 now. I tried many soft bits that take hardly and pressure as she is mostly a leg pressure horse but she is stubborn and ran my sister through a fence. I know that is your opinion and you are not all wrong but here is mine. If you have a horse like mine who actually needs a bit for safety reasons (for you and the horse) the use it, but if it is not needed then don’t because it is to easy to mess up a horses mouth if you don’t know what you are doing. By the way your opinion did not make me upset I just thought I’d share my experience with my horse that has been my life for 16 years of the 18 that I have been around horses. If I could get her too ride bit less that would be a miracle but at the moment I am thinking of her safety and everyone who rides her. P.S. the only ones she never acts up for are children in hand and in saddle. She is a softy for children and will pony them all day.

  14. I have an amazing story about bits. A woman that rides at my barn rode in one of those two rein bits for 3 years. She claimed it helped her horse stay slow. My friend told her to try and ride her in a hackamore she tried it and…
    Fell in love with it. Also her horse was happier and more willing its amazing to look at them now. Sorry for the long comment. (Its a true story). Also I LOVE RALEIGH

  15. I fear like I don’t want to ride anymore because I see all of the videos but I ride all of my 12 horses without a bit just because I think it is so cruel to the horses I just can’t.☹️☹️Love You.

  16. Just a question are you friends with Jesse drent or at least like his stuff on Instagram and Matt harnack, they both use bits, have you told them not to use bits on their horses ?

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