? 8 Dumbest Animals In The World ?

? 8 Dumbest Animals In The World ?
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All the animals our Nature created are different not only in size, color and shape.
They also have very different intelligence level. And some of them are very,
very stupid.
So, let`s have a look, which of them are the dumbest of all?

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  1. Well I wouldn’t call these animals dumb I mean a better word for these animals is like “weird” or “interesting” maybe even “odd”

  2. please stop calling all of these animals stupid/dumb and stop saying "what a dumb way of living" I mean look at how we destroy other animals homes and how we cut down our only source of oxygen in which keeps us alive

  3. I have weird talents that animals can do tho…. I can run like an ostrich, jump like a kangaroo, tweet like a bird, howl like a wolf, and meow like a cat…. IS THAT NORMAL???

  4. well shouldn't humans be on the list we are the cost if global warming war and a number of problems ,sure some humans are smart but some humans are dumb,and it is true animals do have a silly way of life but that doesn't mean we have to categorize them,btw i love your vids there so cute and adorable don't let hate comments stop you'll and continue helping our animal friends

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