This Woman Couldn't Get Her Dogs Back From Houston SPCA After Hurricane – Hope For Dogs | My DoDo

This Woman Couldn't Get Her Dogs Back From Houston SPCA After Hurricane - Hope For Dogs | My DoDo
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No hope for dogs when the Houston SPCA is involved. That is until local independent Houston dog rescuers stepped in.

Meet Kyri Andell a resident of Texas, wife, mother of 3 and Guardian of 3 dogs that are considered family members. Her dogs were in the care of the Houston SPCA. However, the stories the WA2S will be sharing over the coming week cast doubt if the word care should be used when referring to the Houston SPCA and their treatment of people’s pets.

The reason you are able to watch this very emotional reunion between Nikki and Kyri is due to the hard work of Houston animal rescuer Kathy Vazquez and her team of friends of fellow rescuers who took to social media to help make the connection.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Operation Houston Stray Dog City as we share the reunion of Kyri and her family with the last member of the family to make it back home – little puppy, Sharky.

Is there no hope for some paws when other paws get all the hope?

Help the World Animal Awareness Society save hundreds of at risk dogs working with dozens of Houston area dog rescues. The work never stops, and we need you. Donate and help us help rescuers save more lives following Hurricane Harvey!

Issues at the forefront are what happened to families with pets, pets that were left behind, and the countless stray dogs left to fend for themselves during and after Mother Nature’s fury. As a lesson learned from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, there were shelters in the city that allowed people to bring their pets. I believe the awareness that families didn’t have to leave pets behind existed; people were empowered to save their animals and themselves.

Some pets sadly, did get left behind for one reason or another, but rescuers were saving dogs and other animals as soon as they were able to reach them. Rescue needs were communicated via social media, websites, emails and a cell phone walkie-talkie app called Zello

Austin Pets Alive! set up a temporary facility at Katy Mills. It contained housing and veterinary services for animals brought in once rescued. They are now partnered with Houston Pets Alive at their new temporary facility on Stella Link Rd.

Best Friends Animal Society had set up shop at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds accepting, housing and vetting any and all dogs and cats that needed help. Not that facility is only maintaining pets from the county and Best Friends has a monster setup inside NRG Arena.

The Houston SPCA was receiving dogs, cats, horses and livestock in Beaumont at the Ford Park Entertainment Center. This location came under scrutiny when it was rumored that pit bulls went in but didn’t come out alive. It was all over social media to take this breed of dog to Montgomery County or they would be killed.

It has not been confirmed whether this was a truth. Interestingly, a few days later, the Houston SPCA shut down operations in Beaumont and relocated the animals to their facility in Houston. Their communications person has not returned our calls as of this publication.

This video was created with the financial assistance of donors across the globe including: Associate Producer, Diane Donnelly of The Donnelly Group.


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  1. Just take your dogs with you when you evacuate as well in the future. Buy a tent for them and portable wire fence for protection, anything that will give them temporary lodging while with you not with anybody else you don't know and can't trust ? just a suggestion.

  2. Oh my God that's horrific and that is so wrong they should be able to get their animals what day do wrong being a tragic situation that's unbelievable I think that's disgusting they keep someone's animals from them when they're looking for him that's a shameful situation

  3. I also will not donate to the spca because of the way they treat people and that they are attempting to make a profit by taking away animals.

  4. These people need to be fired!! They should not be working for an organization that supposed to be understanding. That bleached blond supervisor needs to be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Shame on the SPCA!!! Smh… Makes you wonder how many loved dogs don't ever find their way home because of incompetent people.

  6. Omg that poor lady went through hell and then the spca did this to her. Shame on them and God bless you good folks for helping so many animals get back home and find good homes ❤️

  7. All I know is something is VERY shady when someone refuses to give their name AND won't listen to a legitimate complaint! People generally respond well to an honest apology and IF they are listened too…

  8. It sounds like there is a huge paperwork logjam at the SPA who is the single site traffic controller. My guess is that the data entry has taken a back seat to the physical handling of all the incoming animals. Consequently, the Emergency Plan in place has failed to work. The pets are not in the system so cannot be reunited in the systematic method they hoped to impliment.
    Owners would be frantic. Facilities would be bursting and still, the intake forms are piling up. In the ideal world, this would be a lovely plan. Somewhere along the way priorities dictated paperwork take aback seat. After 10 days, it should be apparent and appropriate steps taken. Don't be angry when an owner gets upset. It isn't their fault the system failed. Apologize for the delay and take immediate steps to correct the problem. These pets need returned to their families.

  9. This girl is REALLY hamming it up for the camera. I understand she's upset but it seems she's lashing out at anyone regardless if it was their fault or not. I do think the HSPCA fucked up but the girl in this clip is a drama queen.

  10. I do not like the aspc, they act like they are all for animals and they put them down faster than your local shelter. The local shelter they keep the animals longer. I would never ever give money to the spca, all they do is spout off there mouth, oh don 't wear fur, blah, blah, blah. They don't go help or get animals that are tested on, other private animal society go and get them and find homes for them. I have no idea what the spca does, other than spout off their mouths. hahaha she won't give you her name, what an idiot and they sure didn't want you recording them and that is your right.

  11. I'm not very impressed with the Houston SPCA. I adopted two male mice from them after Harvey the one was extremely ill had had respertory infection and both had mites. Thank god they were in differnt cages but sadly the one died the day after he came home. I adopted a female mouse as well who they had with a HAMSTER becuse they came in together. That hamster could have easily killed her. I'm thankful she was okay. It was very cold inside and they didn't have the proper boxes to take them home in. I was given car carriers for the boys and a box with no ventilation for the girl. I wasn't expecting to get the little girl when i did I would have bought a carrier with me other wise. It's too cold for small animals they vet staff knew nothing nor the workers. They picked picked the sick little boy and scared him so badly he could breath at all. It was horrible. Mike is doing great after recovering with me and Louise (the little girl) has two sisters. I wish i could have gotten to Doc sooner. Maybe he could have had a chance. Also may I mention I'm 13 and I was the one correcting info they had wrong about the nice. They thought 1.5 years was young. I died when I heard that. Mice only live 2-3 years. They need a better veterinary staff for sure.

  12. That second lady with the linden hair was such a b and so bratty and she was being so rude like there meant to help you and that system is huge you expect them to help and all they do is not respond it’s so stupid all her dogs were gone and she’s been through a lot of antic and stress and everyone was being so rude to her wanting her own dogs back like respect her

  13. and these people are supposed to be animal overs…. they are just there for a job thats obvious… and they so so rude instead of apologizing for the mix up they stand there and insult the lady…. really

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