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I recently found these strange stories from a parallel universe on the Reddit nosleep forum. This one is a bizarre tale of a young man who sees something in the sky. It is some kind of anomaly in our world that comes from another dimension. It comes to our Earth through some kind of a portal, but it is hard to identify.

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About the Author: the living nightmare


  1. This is something different! Well read, as always. You do appreciate my honesty, though, right? Ok. Well, this is too much of a creepypasta. I like your usual types of stories a lot! Truth is, there was a time when I listened to creepypasta, but I don't anymore. It's not believe-able, even with suspension of disbelief, though it tries to be.
    But, I love your channel and I wouldn't want it to become just another creepypasta channel.
    You have built an identity for your channel, which I love. I look forward to seeing your new videos. I see and appreciate how hard you are working, especially very recently.
    I hope that I wasn't too harsh. I don't often have to say anything negative. It's just that I have been with your channel from pretty early on, I feel like I can say what I think constructively.
    Thank you for hearing my opinion. I hope you have a good night! 😊💕💕💕

  2. Sounds like a fiction. So please dont make your channel a creepasta. There are so many channels out there i had to unsubscribe because they filled their channel with creepasta

  3. Bs.. Made up.. Chernobyl was caused by moscow kgb to make eu drop nc energy so that oil price goes up n it did.. Reality is more horrible than fantasy horror..

  4. Hi tln 👋 Very interesting video! I'm sure you already know that everything on nosleep is fiction. Reddit always tells the OP to stay in character when responding to questions so it's obviously fiction.
    But, nonetheless, good story either way. 😁😱👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  5. That huge person was galactus. Just joking maybe in a parallel universe monsters do exist.Or maybe that thing came from hell.

  6. Very different, very entertaining, definitely liked the stories. I just read a few other people on here talk about if its a creepy pasta or not. I dont care either way as long as they're good stories.

  7. Whether it's supposed to be a creepypasta true story or whatever still thought they were very interesting stories. As long as they're entertaining that's all I care about. This story is definitely real, lol, 😁😂🤣😉

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