SQUIRREL runs riot in the house!

SQUIRREL runs riot in the house!
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Being called out to rescue an adult squirrel trapped in a room always causes a bit of trepidation here at WAF – they can be incredibly fast and definitely don’t want to get caught!

Simon was recently called out to try and rescue one that had managed to hide itself behind a cupboard. Although he tried to approach slowly and methodically, the crafty squirrel soon let out of the way and took Simon on a merry goose chase!

PLEASE NOTE – We have a license to treat, release and rehabilitate a certain number of grey squirrels each year.

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  1. When the UK has enough funds to actually set up Wildlife Rescue/Control because it makes S E N S E. Last time my family a squirrel stuck in the living room we had to basically crush it to death with a not very sharp wooden spike and it was horrible but we had no tools and it was very difficult to catch. Not to mention the first time we did catch it, it was very swift and bit my mom super hard. We called animal control and they just said they would shoot it (with a fatal drug of some kind I'm assuming) if they did come over (in like an hour) and we would have to pay $100. Overall really upsetting experience.

  2. aww I love squilrles theyre sooo cute at home we put peanuts for them in the winter also theyre amazing at evading dogs and cats by using trees they dont just go up they go around the other side of the tree to lose w/e is chasing them they know exactly how to do it

  3. Simon congrats for this difficult and kinda lucky but as always great rescue the little fella was a fighter, have a nice day and for all of the team.! God Bless. 🙂

  4. Looks like the Squirrel is very familiar with the furniture and the hiding places in there. He liked this room and wanted it to be his own. Poor fella, couldn't afford a human house.

  5. After all the years of having squirrels in our yard, never (not once) has one come in the house. So how does this happen? Do Brits not have screen doors or are they leaving doors open by accident? Please, I want to understand.

  6. Superb ! He really didn't want to come out of there at first !.. great job with the net Simon.. not the first time you've done that then !
    ATVB Jim

  7. Scandal! Squirrel, the well known YT-Star was thrown out of his house! 🐿
    So glad, the little fury mess wasn't hurt and went back to the wild right away. Thank you.

  8. Great job! If the squirrel came into the house, the best thing we can do is just open the window (or the door). In most cases, she will find the way out. PS Do not show her food, she'll be back with friends 🙂

  9. "I know where everything is…" Simon, you must've cleaned out and restocked your car! Pity I can't remember how long you've been talking about it, lol!

  10. I love squirrels but if they get in they get very disoriented (I guess I would, too, if you put me in a tree). Thank you for setting him free safely. Note to all the ladies out there: Keep your house tidy. You never know when Simon and Laurie may be dropping in! 🙂

  11. Thank you Simon for rescuing the squirrel. He just wanted to check out .what the neighbor's house look like. He was glad to be outside. He didn't let grass. Grow under his feet. The question is will he stay out of the house. Our comeback for a visit.

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