Chinese Rooftopper Falling to his death (actual footage)

Chinese Rooftopper Falling to his death (actual footage)
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Wu Yongning the Chinese Rooftopper: Who is to blame for a daredevil’s death?

Last month, Wu Yongning went out to do what he loved best – scale a skyscraper without safety equipment and film himself dangling off its roof by his fingertips.

What happened next almost seems inevitable – the Chinese climber fell, plunging 62 storeys to his death.

His many thousands of followers grew concerned when he stopped posting videos of his stunts on sites like Huoshan and Kuaishou, but his death was only confirmed in recent days, first by his girlfriend, then by authorities.

A shocking clip of what appeared to be his final moments – his fatal attempt to scale a building in Changsha city – began circulating online this week.

His death has prompted uneasy soul-searching over the “cash for clips” internet video industry. Questions are now being asked about whether these platforms, and their viewers, are in some way responsible for his death.

A recent Beijing News investigation found that Mr Wu had posted more than 500 short videos and livestreams on Huoshan, garnering a million fans and earning at least 550,000 yuan (£62,000; $83,000). Huoshan had prominently promoted his videos as recently as June.

Rest in Peace


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  1. No, I can’t bear to watch, I won’t be able to watch it, because it makes me think of how they felt at that moment just before death! I can’t!

  2. It looks like he did two pullups then couldn't get back up on attempting the third. I cant imagine his thoughts as Gravity took over

  3. bottom line, he was a freakin' idiot. Who is to blame..HE IS. Now his mother is dying form cancer and has to grieve her stupid son's death. The comments here are ridiculous, a sure sign that they are made by fools who grew up with their faces in little screens.

  4. I actually dont feel bad for him, you see people have been developing sences to not to do this. I even dont care that he was doing this for mony for his mum who is fighting cancer, there are many more ways to get money like for example GETTING A JOB

  5. You have to admit, that's a pretty fucking stupid idea. But what a nightmare to feel that last minutes of "fuck". Maybe if he had read his fortune cookie, this all could have been avoided. "You stupid ass fall off building".

  6. Well …at least he didn't land on some innocent bystander and kill them.
    Perhaps he was a good man & was yelling "Look out below" all the way down because he knew if he landed on some random guy & killed him all his friends would be laughing at him at his funeral. Think about that for a minute. You're out buying a birthday gift for your sweetie & some Roof-topper falling 62 stories landing on your head killing you after you just made your purchase. …Sad!!

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