Baby Wild Horse Comes WAY Out Of Her Shell | The Dodo

Baby Wild Horse Comes WAY Out Of Her Shell | The Dodo
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This baby wild horse was so skinny when she was rescued — look at her now! | You can keep up with Mila and all of her adventures on Instagram, mila_the_mustang: You can help Amanda, Jennifer, and the team at Healing Hearts Rescue care for more animals like Mila by donating to: You can also check out more of Nancy Loftis’ amazing photography on Facebook: Special thanks to Nancy Harrison for sharing her footage with us!

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  1. My gosh just seeing that lil cutie for 3 mins is enough for me to fall in love with her she's SOOOOO cute! You guys rlly got lucky with such a good girl and you have a close bond! So i can see a good future for her and you✨?????✨

  2. I Absolutely Love it when you see someone who takes a Broken Heart?… Then wraps it with LOVE?… And it Sparkles and Shines like New Again?!!!… What an AMAZINGLY Beautiful Story!!!???????… Thanks Sooo Much for Sharing Dodo!!!???????

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