Tree cutting fails and idiots with chainsaws. FAIL COMPILATION. Part 3

Tree cutting fails and idiots with chainsaws. FAIL COMPILATION. Part 3
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Part 3 of chainsaw fails and tree fails compilation is all about how not to cut or fell trees. Trees falling the wrong way. Tree removal performed by idiots with chainsaws, never try it yourself!

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In this part of our chainsaw and tree fail compilation you will see idiots from all over the world trying to cut or fell a piece of wood properly (as they suppose it is) 😉

Fails of lumberjacks, arborists and ordinary people. Total chainsaw massacre.

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  1. I've done tree removals for 15 years and I couldn't stop laughing watching these backyard tree experts commit every felling mistake under the sun. But it's not always the climber that's at fault. Look again at 3:23. "Lower it, Mother F*cker" he shouts down to the helper who should've allowed the topping to swing around and quickly lower this to avoid it slapping the trunk. If I did that to one of my boss's – he'd come down the tree and kick my ass!

  2. Yeah most of it is just dumb luck you know maybe people should be up there cutting stuff with not much experience you would never see me up there cutting tree limbs and trees down but the one that made me cringe and kind of sad was it the one at 06:25… That one nobody was cutting it down it seems like it just fell down maybe due to age or something but all those kids were down there playing in the parking and almost look like it toppled over on top of a couple of them I cringed I was like all my God I hope those kids were OK😬

  3. Great to see the skill of a guy who can swing a chainsaw on a rope and do a triple back flip at the same time without losing any flesh

  4. I don't know how people can chuckle when a tree falls on their house. If a tree fell on my house I would be cursing up a storm, kicking you off my property and not paying you you would pay me for the damage

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