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  1. Anyone who thinks animals don't receive pleasure from sex has clearly never had a pet. I regularly find my cockatiel masturbating against his food bowl. .__.

  2. "It is a scientific fact that humans do not enjoy sex. They reproduce because if they didn't, they wouldn't exist. It is survival of the fittest; if you don't reproduce, you have no future. If humans enjoyed sex, they wouldn't do it on specific occassions, like must or in heat. They would do it year round, but they do not."

    You're an ignorant fool.

  3. I get the impression that she was trying hard to withold laughter – almost like there might have been someone else on the brink of a snicker in the room while she was creating the narration track – i mean its hard not to giggle a little bit at the idea of pandas getting off on porn…but science must rise above the urge to giggle so yes a narrator with slightly more gravitas might not be a bad idea…

  4. personally, i don't think so. she said that they do it for pleasure but also for social bonding. i saw a special on the discovery channel about birds who have many males and few females. during mating season, it is common to see two males conducting sexual acts together. what this means for us humans; is still left for debate but maybe this will bring us one step closer to finding the answer?

  5. lmfoa lmfao omg that ducks dick lmfao panda porn lmfoa over all i lernd that animals are gay and so are people and most animals are just like humans

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