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  1. I think it would be cool if Alex Jones became a screenwriter. A vision representation of what goes on in his head would make the best science fiction movies.

  2. in my opinion……..The reason that people think Jones is not credible…. is only a few clicks away…. What ever Jones denies that he said…. just do a search…. the videos of HIM….. contradict what he says that he didnt say… no he did… no he didnt….. he …IS….. click bait… only my opinion…

  3. I agree with Alex when he says Joe knows everything. It’s like Joe let’s it slip sometimes. I don’t know if he does it to fuck with Alex or if Joe hears this and just doesn’t talk about it because it sounds crazy but if Alex says it, it makes since coming from him.

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  5. I definitely saw a video of the front runner cover child of sandy hook where they weren’t sad. The camera was rolling without the feed being used at the time while still recording. Which showed a pair of parents laughing and smiling and when they told them “hey we’re gonna start soon” and they take deep breaths and physic themselves in the situation. It didn’t look good. Maybe your kid just died a few days ago but it’s mad shady you’re gonna be laughing with the police and journalists but you clearly are trying to get into a mindset or create this facial expression to appear like you’ve been consistent sad. Shady

  6. Next time you see Elon tell him to ask Zuckerberg if holidays are family fun or essential to marketing. This is his logic knot and will allow enough time to swap in a duplicate frok area 51

  7. Man I could have sworn this had 14m views like the week it came out. Months later it still has 14m views. Maybe I'm wrong or misremembering the amount of views it had but I know it was quite a lot. 14m seems really low. I doubt the view counter is even accurate. Especially for this…

  8. Joe here reminds me of myself the time I got on an Arabian and the thing just took off running full tilt and would not fucking stop, or even slow down. So much fun!

  9. Share this message so we can create a movement and make an impact
    Guys we all need to rate youtube a 1 star review on both applestore and playstore for the demonitization of conservative and liberatarian creators "STEVEN CROWDER ,ALEX JONES"
    Llets stand up for freespeech

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