Dog sobs when she sees rescuer coming to save her

Dog sobs when she sees rescuer coming to save her
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We got a call that a dog had fallen into a deep well in a village outside of Udaipur. When we arrived we found a heartbroken dog desperate to be helped. Watch her amazing rescue!

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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. come the collapsed (if we can believe the you tube fear porn) this dog will be sobbing knowing they are coming to use him for tonite's menu

  2. For those of you who just watched that video I have a GoFundMe site setup called animal ambulance EMS type that in the top browser I Brian . Am opening an animal ambulance rescue service similarity to what these guys just did I praise you guys especially the gentleman that went down into the hole to get the dog god praises you you did an excellent job I myself throughout the years have rescued many animals and that's why I'm opening up my animal ambulance EMS service it's on a GoFundMe page you can check it out any contributions towards it can help us get more equipment to help us do the things we need to do to help the ones that can't help themselves thanks

  3. Sometimes I find people so cruel I want to cry, sometimes I find people so beautiful I want to cry. This is the later of the two!

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