America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
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Since its heyday in the late 1800s, bare-knuckle boxing in the US has been relegated to parking lots and grimy basements, an underground sport that couldn’t find a way to bring itself above board. But in June of 2018—after spending years petitioning almost 30 states to sanction the brutal fights—promoter David Feldman finally managed to stage America’s first-ever legal bare-knuckle boxing match in Wyoming.

VICE went to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships in Cheyenne a few days ahead of the big event to hear how Feldman managed to pull it off, and to meet a handful of fighters for whom boxing—and even MMA fighting—just isn’t hardcore enough.

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  1. Shit heads of all types, stop telling others what you think is right for them, and then try and enforce it. Hell, Antifa does their violence with the shit heads blessing.

  2. I enjoyed that video. Maybe barenuckles is here to stay. I have seen bloodier boxing matches. Leather gloves can do a lot of damage. Its funny to see the boxers get paid after the fight. Humble beginings might just spell sucess

  3. Dear visitors
    this is how they did it in the UK, Jamaica, Cuba, Russia, Germany, Canada, Europe, basically the whole planet. if you think it's too violent don't participate don't watch it let everyone else have fun and go on with your life without worry without stress. once the USA was one of the most feared countries in the world. the Hiroshima and Nagasaki strike really took a toll. we lost our girth our ambition even our pride. and this is coming from a 15-year-old.

  4. Uhhhh ufc used to be bare knuckle so you sound stupid. How come nobody actually does any research before they open their mouths about anything?

  5. Female fighter "mans world blah blah love to prove people wrong blah blah"… just fucking fight, shut it and be an individual instead of your gender wtf.

  6. It may be too harcore for me to watch, but I know I would really appreciate to see this "david feldmann" stand up for a round or two at least 🙂

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