Matt Hunts Down a Warthog | Naked and Afraid

Matt Hunts Down a Warthog | Naked and Afraid
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Elite survivalist Matt Wright manages to catch a warthog to bring back to camp in Africa.

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  1. I liked the episode because Gary managed to scavenge deer when Matt could not hunt anything later. They both showed maturity and their different skills that complimented each others'.

  2. What does that remember you of when he shot the hog with the bow and arrow??

    legend of Zelda:breath of the wild

    I love that game!

  3. Were there really dangerous predators there.. ? I dont believe there would be. I've been in the Bush alone, stared down a big rhino and had a lioness charge at me and no I didn't have a gun or knife. Sooo, if they covered in blood and there's a pride nearby I have my doubts.

  4. Matt is such a talented when it comes to hunting, I've been watching almost all part of the reality show naked and afraid. I am not sure about the past survivalist because I have not seen them all. But Matt is the only person a man who cathes huge meat, solid meat. And he was always glad sharing it with his group. I haven't heard him from the show complaining about what's happening within the team. That he is the only one hunting most of the time. He has a focus, Matt is a good man and I believe that He deserve to have his own Survival show on tv. As a viewer I would be glad if Discovery will give Matt a chance to prove he can. God bless Matt

  5. This is scripted with at least 20 guards watching over them. There are lions leopard black mammas in africa. You can kill that without drawing Hyenas wild dogs and jackals.

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