Hardworking Lady Alone Preparing Mutton Curry For Picnic Party | Street Food Loves You

Hardworking Lady Alone Preparing Mutton Curry For Picnic Party | Street Food Loves You
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Hardworking Lady Alone Preparing Mutton Curry For Picnic Party | Street Food Loves You.

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  1. This is one of the reasons why I can’t eat street foods she is washing her hands over the curry and cover is on the ground then she pick it up and cover the curry then she put her nasty hands in the curry Grossed

  2. white colour r ota kiser paste dilo…ota likhlen na to…ektu janale bhalo hoy….mangsa ki jeera guri dilo na dhone guri otao janale bhalo hoy….

  3. মাটন রান্নাতে একবারে সব মসলা দিয়ে মাখিয়ে বসিয়ে দিলেই তো হয়। আলাদা আলাদা করার দরকার নেই।

  4. Street Food, ei onnorokom videor jonno thank you.. Biyebarir recipe like sakal belar macher jhol, macher matha diye Chyachra, ratrer khasir mangso chai ..!!!! Onek like debo aar onekke share korbo .. Kolkata biye barir recipe chai .. !!

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