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  1. Don't you just wish that the glass would shatter at 5:51? his tittering girlfriend may, in the last moments of her life see the
    disappearing arse of her "brave" boyfriend as he legs it past her.

  2. No shocker there, lots of animals are intelligent in their own way given how it is to survive in areas where people are abundant. I mark this comment on the first of May 2019!

  3. The person who shot the black bear running towards them clearly r DUMBbbbbb why have the bow arrow and not use it???? ??? well that’s what happens when you mess with nature ?

  4. You can't outrun a bear, but it is my understanding that you can slow it down a lot by dropping articles of clothing or even your backpack while you are getting away. The bear is supposed to stop and examine each dropped article giving you time to increase your distance.

  5. Once again the poster thinks he's a fucking DJ and ruined the video for everyone else with some shitty ass loud music. Also, this should be re-titled "Assholes annoying animals"

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