Rescued baby orangutan play session

Rescued baby orangutan play session
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Rescued baby orangutans Monti, Sigit, Bunga and Melky enjoying their play frame at the International Animal Rescue emergency orangutan centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Borneo.

To sponsor baby Monti and help fund her care, please visit:


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  1. Put 5 or 6 of those little fuckers in a 55 gallon drum..pour a gallon of gas over the top of them..AND LIGHT THOSE LITTLE MOTHER FUCKERS ON FIRE AND LISTEN TO THEM SCREAM AT THE TOP OF THIER LUNGS

  2. My heart breaks everytime I see so many infants in one place because the fact that each one of their mother was murdered and or butchered in front of the baby and it is the sad reality. I know these kind people are doing what they can and doing a fantastic job but there is really no substitution from their mother the knowledge only she would have been able to give them to grow up to be strong adults and to be fearful of man.

  3. If i could i would be their mother.. but soon i will visit them ❤? they are part of my heart

  4. Immer wieder zu schöööön. Das sind zuckersüße und wunderschöne Tiere. Danke für das entzückende Video und alles Gute. Bitte setzt euch mehr für den Erhalt der Dschungel ein , z. B über Greenpeace oder andere Organisationen. Greenpeace wird nur durch Spenden von uns Menschen finanziert. Sie bekommen von der EU, von Politik oder große Unternehmen keine Gelder. Das ist so wichtig, das die Meere sauber gehalten werden und nicht stinkende und giftige Abgade ins Meer geleitet weiter werden. Achtet alle etwas mehr auf die Umwelt, eure Nachkommen wollen auch in einer intakten ? leben. , Vielen lieben Dank für die Zeit, die ihr euch eben zum lesen genommen habt.

  5. I live in a small town,"or should I say was a small town", and the fibre optics has needed an upgrade for the last 5yrs. At 2:30am it works great because few people are up at that hour LOL. Anyway take care Ms. Panda

  6. I know how you feel, my BB was bad until June this year when we got super fast fibre optic BB and now everything loads in a flash.
    If you blink when downloading you miss it LOL….maybe yours will improve in time.

  7. This video is only 1:29 and it takes up to 4 min. to watch because my computer takes so fucking long to load !!!! Dont this just piss you off ??!!

  8. @gorillafan100 The baby hanging on at the start is Monti, she's about 7 months old here. To read Monti's rescue story or to sponsor her and help fund her care, please visit our website and click 'Sponsor an animal'.

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