Bangkok to Amman, Jordan!

Bangkok to Amman, Jordan!
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I was invited to take a 12 day trip to Jordan by the Jordan Tourism Board, to mainly focus on eating delicious Jordanian food, but also to see some of the main attractions within the Kingdom. I want to say a big thank you to the Jordan Tourism Board for making this trip happen!

I’m based in Bangkok, Thailand, and so on Day 1 of our trip, my wife and I caught a direct flight from Bangkok to Amman, Jordan with Royal Jordanian airlines. The flight was alright, and it took about 10 hours on our direct flight. We arrived to Queen Alia International Airport, early in the morning at about 5 am, where we were greeted by a representative from Visit Jordan, and proceed to go through customs and immigration and grabbed out bag. We then met with our driver and guide, who brought us directly to La Locanda Boutique Hotel, where we would be staying for the next few days.

As soon as I arrived to Amman, I was hungry – after all, it was already noon lunchtime in Bangkok. Luckily it was about 7 am when we checked into our hotel, and so we dropped off our bags and immediately went to have breakfast as the hotel. I’m a huge fan of Jordanian breakfast, and I had a bunch of raw vegetables, some bread, and lots of hummus and finally some ful medames for breakfast. It was a fantastic change from what I normally eat for breakfast.

After finishing breakfast, we headed back to our room to sleep for a couple hours, before heading out to do some eating and exploring in Amman. You’ll find out what we did on Day 2 in Amman, on the next video!


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  1. I'm from Jordan I live you phx Arizona where you were born, I go every sumer to Jordan, I love every minute of it! Thank you for showing all the good stuff over there were we take it for granted!

  2. Coming from Your Karachi*Pakistan's Last Vlog to here. You have changed a lot, Mark Wiens. Wish you Best of luck for upcoming Future. Lot of love From Pakistan. Thankful for all that you presented Better image of pakistan.

  3. I go to Amman every summer. When I go it is very hot, that’s why the buildings are white. I am half Jordanian half Lebanese and full Canadian

  4. Met a Jordanian co worker at work today, because of him and my cravings I'm rewatching this whole series.?ama be starving sitting on this train heading home

  5. We had a night flight from Bangkok to Beijing on hainan. We were using miles to fly first class, but something got fucked up and we were stuck at the check in for 90 minutes

  6. Great Video !! I loveeee Jordan! Is such a great country. People , Places and food are incredible! Can't wait to be back . I'm a meeting planner and I had the luxury of visiting twice already this amazing place.

  7. Thank you mark. I feel like I know you personally from all the you tube videos. I'm in Amman Jordan. Due to your videos I have enjoyed my trip here in jordan. Rainbow street to the Dead Sea. All the street food. You prepared me for this wonderful adventurous trip. From the scherwama, hummus and the delicious falafel. I got to enjoy everything and your videos was right on point. Keep up the great work and you deserve the world for the info that you provided the viewers. Great job and thank you.

  8. I'm travelling from Amman to Bangkok, so i found this lol. hope you enjoyed it here <3 anyone would like to come feel free to contact any of us <3

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