Two Blind Pups Are Looking For Their Forever Homes | Amanda To The Rescue

Two Blind Pups Are Looking For Their Forever Homes | Amanda To The Rescue
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It’s time for Amanda to find homes for two blind and deaf pups, Cumulus Nimbus and Cirrus Nimbus. They’ve been at Panda Paws Rescue for a few days, and are looking for homes that can learn to handle their needs.

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  1. Mostly everyone who watches her help animals are kids that want to be vets or foster pupies to find them for ever homes but sence were kids and are parents don't like that us kids cant so anything😢😭

  2. Shes a lovely human being for what she does for those dogs but ffs when will people stop kissing and letting dogs lick your face its not a sign of affection its just gross

  3. I'm glad they still give blind and deaf dogs a chance. My cousin has a don't who's deaf and he's the first dog I ever met and if they didn't give him a chance to be adopted, I would've never come to love dogs like I do

  4. I'm torturing myself with watching these videos. Right now I'm bawling my eyes out. I want to adopt a puppy so badly BUT I have to be patient till my husband is ok with it so that is incredibly difficult. I'm praying for him to hurry up. I need to have one so much. Prayers for us please.

  5. Amanda watching you always makes my day you are a big inspiration to me!The puppies are always sooooo adorable,I have always wanted a puppy I need a small breed and somebody who ships budget is 500$ please let me know if you have any or know anybody

  6. My dog and her half sister were put together when my mom and dad adopted them and they loved each other. Both Frenchies, there names were Maxine and Feliz. Feliz died when I was two and Max died when I was 8, and eventually went blind and deaf. Now we have a dog named Coco!

  7. It's so cool that Cirrus is going to a family with children because at least one of those children will do what Amanda does, because their mom already started them on their way.

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