Dachshund – Cute 6 Week Old Puppies

Dachshund - Cute 6 Week Old Puppies
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This is the last of 7 videos of five cute puppies from birth to 6 weeks old. One of the puppies went to a good home just before shooting this video. These puppies were born on July 5th 2009.
Watch a pregnant dog, expecting 5 puppies, in labor give birth during welping!!! This dog birth and development of this Dachshund breed is similar to dogs such as Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer, Schnauzer, Irish Setter, Westie Terrier, Corgi, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Poodle, Beagle, Bichon, Beagle, Shih Tzu, Collie, German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Pug, Whippet, Chihuahua, Wiener, Bull, Pomeranians, Rottweilers, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, and French Bulldog.
労働の子犬を期待している妊娠した犬はwelpingの間に出産する 犬とかわいい子犬たち


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  1. This is the best video ive seen because i love Dachsunds because i had one he was a boy but we dont know what happened to him?Nevermind these puppies are better than Crusoe and wiener dogs

  2. I have a 5month old dacshund .He is the naughtiest one we have ever got .When i call him he will turn and run .After sometime he may be coming back with his toy.He likes only chicken,milk and fish.

  3. I love my mini dachshunds. So lovable. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos of the 6 week old dachshunds and the other ones too. Thank you for posting them. They give me great pleasure.

  4. The puppies are adorable but what bothered me was they had no toys, the piece of foam is not an appropriate bed for them that poor puppy had to sleep standing up the floors are to slippery and hard for them they should have some soft blankets to sleep on and some to play on. You should never put a pine cone in with them they are sharp and a piece could break off they can cut themselves on it. Please give your bitch some time with her puppies in the yard but also give her time alone, just a little break away from the puppies a few times a day. It's important for her to be able to rest away from them. She needs to nap and have time to eat and relax. Give her lots of love a let her know what a good dog she is !!!! She will be a better mother for it. When she is rested she is able to deal with the stress of the puppies and give them the attention they also need . There beautiful babies. I got my mini at 10 weeks because I wanted to let him have as much time with momma as possible. And my dog turned out to be a great dog. Dachshunds are a wonderful breed they are very smart and those little legs are perfect. Don't listen to the haters out there they don't know what a great dog these little creatures become !!! My dog is a Double dapple and the sweetest boy his name is Jasper and has been my best friend for 11 yrs. only wish we had 11 more years together, but life is short for these tiny babies so treat them like gold !!! ?

  5. please never delete this video. i enjoy watching this video when i have cramps; it really is a life saver and helps me. thank you to you and your cute puppies. 🙂

  6. That poor mother being harassed by the pups, she needs times out 4 herself as any mother would, she couldnt get away from them when in the pen or in the garden, and she was looking at the owner as if to say plz help me and let me out alone so i can not be forced to feed these pups that actualy dont need feeding all the time as they are at weening stage now. I felt so sorry for her. I bet she couldnt wait for them to be homed.

  7. Hi, I'm new to Dachshunds and got one just about two years ago (and going through the terrible twos). I LOVE him and wouldn't trade him for anything. I want to say THANK YOU for the great births and showing us your wonderful puppies. It was absolutely beautiful to watch them being born. I really hope down the road that I can get my buddy another Dachshund to have as a bother (or sister). I know you posted the vids about 7 years ago and I just got to see it now. I hope they all found great homes to spend their lives at. Thank you again. 🙂

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