Allauddin's Briyani – MUST-EAT Singapore Indian Food at Tekka Centre!

Allauddin's Briyani - MUST-EAT Singapore Indian Food at Tekka Centre!
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Allauddin’s Chicken Briyani in Singapore is fragrant and delicious!

If you’re looking for excellent Indian hawker food in Singapore, one of the best places to go is Tekka Centre, located in Little India. You’ll find a tempting variety of different Indian food stalls to choose from, many of them serving south Indian dishes. You can get paratha, banana leaf rice and curry, and what I chose to eat was chicken biryani from a famous stall called Allauddin’s.

But before beginning with my chicken biryani, I first had an onion paratha, a greasy and crispy pieces of fried bread filled with onions and served with a side of curry sauce. It was pretty good. But nothing compared to my plate of chicken biryani. The rice was fluffy and fragrant, and not too dry, but had some nice moisture to it. The chicken was incredible – it was soft, yet not mushy at all, but remained a fantastic silky texture. Finally, the curry sauce that my plate of biryani was served with is what really elevated the plate to the next level.

For a wonderful plate of chicken biryani in Singapore, head over to Allauddin’s Chicken Biryani at Tekka Centre.


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  2. My opinion is Best biryanis at Geylang Serai biryanis stall since from 1964 now the Son and children running the stall try the Best biryanis I strongly recommend

  3. Hi i’m an avid fan of yours… i love how you introduce foods to people and you have this like kind of magic where in you make us feel like crave for the foods you are eating… i would love to invite you to dine with us in our restaurant one day… wish list…???

  4. Sorry but no – this is not a MUST-EAT at all !
    Because of this video, we went to try this out and honestly it wasn't as good as Mark shows – we are not super picky with food but this bryani has nothing special –

  5. Oh Mark, that is the best place to eat and sample delicious Halal dishes and goat meat with fragrant rice, I used to grew up in Singapore…it was wonderful there. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Be sure to greet the Muslim vendors "Assalam Aleikum" (May Peace be upon you) and "Terimah Kasi" (Thank you in Malay). Also visit the FREE botanical gardens, it is so beautiful you will enjoy picnic with your family, as well as plenty of photo taking, or simply enjoy the stunning orchids and their gorgeous smell !! Cheers

  6. I have to say about Malaysian and Singaporean food because I went there and experienced myself recently and my honest opinion is their food in general are overrated. Just like any traveler, I was excited about Southeast Asian food until the real moment. Actually, everything I ordered there are either very sweet and quite sweet. Think about like noodle broth or spicy salty sauce have overwhelming sugary taste. It seemed like entire country was addicted to sugar and they don't even aware of it. I tried hawker after hawker and both upscale and street food. I gave up after days of trying and I ended up buying just spongy bread and bananas for my meal and I was thirsty, hungry and pissed.
    Another thing that no Youtube foodies mentioned about these food are their serving size and lack of vegetable in their dishes. I have to order more than one plate from multiple food stall just to fill up my stomach to get the fuel on sweaty humid day so spending money on daily meal at least twice daily was not cheap either. Another thing is lack of vegetable portion on their dishes. A lot of their dishes are deep fried I only got several bits of green in my plate. It's less degree in Singapore than in Malaysia overall but I was really disappointed.

  7. Dear Mark thanks for sharing. This shop serves a great dish. Just so you are aware it is Curry and Not Curry Sauce. Curry is not sauce.

  8. we tried the allauddin biryani in tekka centre after hearing so much about it… but it turn out to be disaster…. not even close to what we get in india….. pathetic taste

  9. We are off to Singapore next year. As a child we went to Singapore from Sumatra several times each year. Thank you for the refresher coarse! We love all your videos Mark

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