1000 Tea Sold Within 4 Hours | Number One Tea Seller in Kolkata | Street Food Loves You

1000 Tea Sold Within 4 Hours | Number One Tea Seller in Kolkata | Street Food Loves You
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1000 Tea Sold Within 4 Hours | Number One Tea Seller in Kolkata | Street Food Loves You.

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  1. Cultura es una cosa y suciedad otra… Que asco en serio. Ese es su estilo de vida y lo que pueden accesar me parece pero pobreza no es sinónimo de sucio… Wacala!!! ???????

  2. Rs 10 rs cup minimum 500 cup sale in day and he make 5000 day
    total production cost 6rs
    10-6 =4 (500 cup *4 profit = 2000 profit day ' 60,000 month income)
    Or log kahte hai mai chai bechu abe degree hai
    busniss is buisniss

  3. اخر هم الهنود النظافة غير موجوده في قاموسهم خاصة في الاكل اللي المفروض يكون اكثر شي نهتم بنظافته . احب المطاعم الهندية ولكن في الخليج اما في بلدانهم اتوقع اندومي ابرك ..

  4. If you are not going to drink the tea, stop bitching. Some supposed squeaky clean people act as if they don't stink at all because their buttocks are glued shut and never go to the toilet.

  5. Tea with milk is also famous in Malaysia and we called it "Teh Tarik" literally means pulling tea..simply bcos the tea cups was pour up high to another cup down below..but it was served in a plastic or glass cups..

  6. Where is this shop in Kolkata? And let me tell to all that high flame boiling kills germs and black tea it self is a antioxidants and has anti bacterial property so its safe if u drink one small cup..and about cleaning i feel he must do daily cleaning to tea utensils it just he is make kilos of tea each time that tan peel appear on that..good i love india and its vast culture?

  7. solo veo heces por todo el maldito lugar, no me sorprende que tras años de haber sido expuestos a las bacterias y coliformes fecales esta gente sea inmune, pero que pasaría si una persona no expuesta va y toma algo de ese té de la muerte, estaría con cólera o una diarrea mortal, en la India ya no es usual estudiar cuantas bacterias y restos fecales humanos hay en el agua sino cuanta agua hay en tu excremento. ¡Qué asco!

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