Nasi Lemak – Fatty Rice, Heavenly Toppings

Nasi Lemak - Fatty Rice, Heavenly Toppings
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Nasi lemak is more than just the national food of Malaysia, it’s a home comforting dish that the entire country is passionate about eating. Love for nasi lemak is nothing short of extreme affection, a purely delicious bonding form of cuisine.

But what is nasi lemak? In Malays, it translates exactly to “fatty rice,” but in reality the rice is steamed along with coconut milk and pandan leaves so it becomes fragrant and slightly creamy. It’s not ordinary rice, it’s pumped with extra flavor. Grains of the rice shouldn’t be clumpy, but rather loose, not overly wet, but just perfect.

After rice is piled onto a plate, a choice of different other heavenly toppings are added to the top and the plate of nasi lemak is ready to be enjoyed.

Kuala Lumpur has a lot of food to chose from, and one of the best street restaurants in town is known as RA Nasi Lemak – a home style restaurant that caters to a local crowd searching for comforting cuisine.

I showed up at about 9 am to get a taste, and there were a few people in line and many people were eating at the tables provided. Unlike other nasi lemak restaurants where the vendors serves you, at RA you are free to top your fatty rice with whatever you choose using self service.

I scooped on some fried morning glory vegetables, some sambal sotong (squid in chili sauce), ikan bilis (peanuts mixed with anchovies), lots of sambal chili sauce and a big chunk of pure heaven chicken rendang (chicken curried in coconut milk).

I’ve had a lot of good Malaysian food meals in my life, but I’m telling you that this plate of nasi lemak was easily one of the most satisfying meals I’ve ever consumed in my entire life.

The chicken rendan was cooked to perfect, stewed in coconut milk and pureed spices that coated each bite in magnificent flavor. The squid in chili was equally delicious, not too chewy and bursting with flavor. Also, the sambal chili sauce, was perfect. It was spicy, not sweet, and went so well with all the other dishes.

The combination of the rice and the toppings elevated my mouth into new highs of culinary satisfaction.

Next time you’re in Kuala Lumpur, be sure to check out RA Nasi Lemak.

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  1. For some parts of Malaysia, this is a wrong image of nasik lemak.
    A nasik lemak in this part of Malaysia basically consist of:
    Nasi lemak (the rice)
    Sambal ikan bilis (anchovies in spicy gravy)
    Telur rebus (boiled egg)
    Hirisan Timun batang (slices of cucumber)
    Boiled eggs are sometimes changed with sunny side or omelette.
    Ikan bilis goreng (fried anchovies) are just optional. Same goes to other dish like chicken etc.

    And never, never served with kacang (nuts)

  2. Hey Mark, this video means a lot to me because you inspire me to travel and it was the first time I was able to follow one of your recommendations, I visited this place back in march and even 6 years later it was as good. However the open buffet thing wasn't that great for me because it was my first time eating Nasi Lemak and I had no idea how to combine it… lol, still it was all delicious. For future visitors, beware that I got lost coming out of Dang Wangi Station because I took the wrong exit and came out to a whole different neighbourhood and took me almost 1 hr to finally find the restaurant. When I returned to the station I realised it was only a 3 mins walk from the right exit.

  3. i dont wanna do anything all day just relax and drink tea! no wonder la org melayu malas HAHAAHHAAHAHAH nasik lemak punca! cilakeeee

  4. What a fake heavenly smile when eating. Please be authentic my dear. You're exagerrating again. Your facial expressions become disgusting when you overdo the please the viewers- act

  5. Any Indonesians who had spent some time in Malaysia will definitely agree that Malaysia is the center of Asian dishes and food hands down. They are so authentic and traditional. One of the reasons why so many Indonesians keep coming back to Malaysia.

  6. Hi Mark… I am Malaysian and I love Nasi Lemak too… you should visit the land of Borneo e.g Sabah or Sarawak in Malaysia… These both states offer some great local foods as well…

  7. One thing I really really hate about ALL your video is that, your reaction when trying food is too much, a bit excessive. Like, everytime you trying food, you will close your eyes while smiling like you're in heaven or something. You don't have to make that kind of face to say that the food is good. In fact, when you do that, you look like a creep. #sorrynotsorry

  8. What?.. Nasi lemak is Indonesian food? Nasi lemak is originally from Malaysian. What is originally from Indonesia is… House Maid.Indonesian people love to work as house maid in Malaysia. Your people are MESS in Malaysia. Go out from My country. Stupid indonesian. I hate indonesian people

  9. sorry… the facts is nasi lemak from Malaysia not Indonesia. Indonesia always claim Malaysia foods. but its OK. enjoy nasi lemak is very good meal. just in Malaysia only.

  10. you should go east coast peninsular Malaysia like Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang…try their foods likes nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, laksam, keropok lekor etc.

  11. Mark, I tried the nasi lemak from RA Nasi Lemak. Firstly, I think it is no longer in buffet style, rather it is more like nasi kandar, you pay for how much food you eat. Besides, the nasi lemak's coconut flavor is not that strong and I tried their chicken rendang, vegie, egg , and sambal, they are not that good to my liking, so I think I won't go back again.

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