Kung Fu Monk vs Other Masters | Don't Mess With Kung Fu Masters

Kung Fu Monk vs Other Masters | Don't Mess With Kung Fu Masters
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Kung Fu Monk vs Other Masters | Don’t Mess With Kung Fu Masters

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  1. Asians are not naturally strong, but this guys train their bodies harder than anyone plus they train their minds also, they become powerful, great example

  2. Who's the fool that though you should mess with these monks in the first place!??? I'm confused .trained since birth physically and mentally

  3. Wasting time of doing this.. Its better helpping each other to get people hungger of a peace of food.. You all do fighting just a stupit things in the world. Do you know WHO ARE YOU in this verry earth..? Shame on you fighther… Bodoh punya olang oo… ??

  4. เอาแต่อันต่อยโดนมาอ่ะดิเจอบัวขาวกับบัวขาวมึงก็ต่อยมั่ว

  5. The fighter featured in the ring is not even a monk, he fights planned fights for Chinese assholes to bet on.

    Get your facts straight jerk face.

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