Foul Mouthed Cockatoo Hates Nails Trimmed (Storyful, Wild Animals)

Foul Mouthed Cockatoo Hates Nails Trimmed (Storyful, Wild Animals)
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Pebble the cockatoo is one of the stars of her owner’s YouTube channel, which has featured videos of the bird’s various mood swings. This video shows Pebble in one of her bad moods, after her owner decided to trim her nails. Pebble was not impressed, and used some very foul language to get her point across!

Credit: YouTube/MegaBirdCrazy
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  1. This is Pebble the cockatoo and her father Kelly who live in Canada. This video is his property. His channel is Pebble the Crazy Cockatoo.

  2. Fuckin FUCKIT! I love this FUCKIN bird! FUCKIN ASSHOLE! FUCKIN FUCK AROUND N FUCK AROUND, FUCK IT! Goddamn it FUCK! I LOVE THIS FUCKIN BIRD! Sounds EXACTLY like my ex wife. God I miss her?

  3. I love this bird. The first time I saw him I was really feeling depressed. I heard him say the f word and his head was going up and down like he was really mad as heck. I heard his words and look at his body language. I said somebody really pissed this bird off. I started laughing so hard I really forgot I was depressed and about what I was depressed about. Now I don't take meds this bird is my meds for depression. He makes me laugh so hard. Love this bird

  4. He is just angry because the human says the same dang thing video after video. lol "Well I don't know." "I don't know". "Really, what!!".

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