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Compilation of Car Crashes in United Kingdom.
Best of Car Crash, Fails, Road Rage and More…
Bad Drivers in UK

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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1. Video from Bill Adams:
2. Video from Spoony Jeff UK:
3. Video from VERTIGO 93TS:
4. Video from zabijca:
5. Video from Southern Dash Cam:
6. Video from Arkadiusz O:
7. Video from JohnJohn83UK:
8. Video from benjammin316:
9. Video from TVG – The Vehicle Group:
10. Video from Jay Slaw:
11. Video from roboteernat:
12. Video from AfghanMast:
13. Video from Alamanda Priladarma:
14. Video from TaxiWarrior:

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  1. At 5:40, was that car in the lorry's blind spot, or was the driver just careless?
    Either way, the person in the Toyota should have anticipated this, like the person recording did. That was a dick move by that Toyota.

  2. 4:04 – This sir, is why you don't tail gate ! I don't blame the guy in the blue car for stopping. I for one hate it when people drive on my rear end ! The guy got instant Karma dealt to him ! 😀 o>

  3. The first guy imagine wrecking your car and the van that your carrying. I'm normally complaining about these people but I just feel pity for that guy

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