Watch This Rescue Baby Orangutan Exploring The World For The First Time | The Dodo Wild Hearts

Watch This Rescue Baby Orangutan Exploring The World For The First Time | The Dodo Wild Hearts
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This baby orangutan was rescued after spending his first year locked up in a chicken cage because someone wanted to keep him as a pet. His name is Budi and now he’s learning how to be wild.

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  1. Im still not contented because I know there are lots of more monkeys which are being sold as a pet and abused. but this made me happy. # NO TO HUNTERS.

  2. I actually started crying thinking about the devastation these beautiful creatures face back home. We need to save these guys

  3. I remember a report an orangutan sanctuary where they had a grown female who was being kept as a prostitute near a palm oil plantation farm. Believe me, humans are sick and the worst thing that could've happened to our planet. We exploit and murder other beings on a daily basis.

  4. “The only thing I ever really care about is animals — animal causes. I don’t really care about people that much, but animals I feel like they always need to be protected” – Rob Zombie

  5. This video is way too short! I would watch an entire season of just this baby growing up and getting stronger and overcoming his past.

  6. Looking into his eyes is like seeing inside your own soul….what have we done to this earth that gives so much that we abuse it until one day there will be nothing left,all mankind will disappear then maybe this earth can re-boot and live.

  7. After all this he got ran over by a Jeep so sad, they found a dead chicken laying beside him in a ditch. He had been sneaking out of the sanctuary at night and sneaking into town stealing chickens. The driver in the Jeep tried to swerve and said he had a chicken under his bony little arm held tight in his arm pit. He started stealing chickens when the doctors put him on OxyContin for pain and took his script because of a bad urine test so he started stealing chickens to fund his drug habit

  8. in their habitat they were killed, because they were considered pests and damaged oil palm fields, even though they were down because their land was damaged and food shortages

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