Deer set free from fencing! – Animal rescue

Deer set free from fencing! - Animal rescue
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Deer rescues are some of the most dangerous we do. They are very powerful animals and need to be treated with caution and respect to avoid injury.

In this rescue, our team were called out to free a deer that had become trapped in a fence. Luckily, once caught it was not badly tangled and was quickly set free once more!

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  1. Thank god for people like these who help and save animals,when there are so many cowards on there who enjoy hunting ,torchuring animals

  2. I DO understand that this is a dangerous rescue (and many thanks for doing it!!) But I have to admit I kind of chuckle when they say how dangerous it is in such a solemn voice. Your deer are so TINY compared to American Mule Deer, or even our Whitetails! Still could be deadly, I know…. but still…. LOL Great job!

  3. Wow. Amazing and dangerous rescue. Between the antlers and the hooves, the potential for some nasty injuries was possible. Great job!!!!!

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