Kyoto Attractions & Japanese Tofu Meal

Kyoto Attractions & Japanese Tofu Meal
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00:20 Train to Saga Arashiyama – The Arashiyama area is home to some of the most famous attractions in Kyoto, and so we took the train there in the morning. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day, so instead of going straight to the temple we instead decided to have lunch to see if the rain would clear.

1:38 Kyoarashiyama Ine (嵯峨とうふ 稲 本店) – This is a very famous restaurant in this area of Kyoto, and I think they specialize mainly in tofu and most of what they serve is even vegetarian Japanese food – with the exception of some eggs I think. I ordered the, Nonomiya Set, which cost 1,950 JPY ($16.22). It included all sorts of different Japanese vegetarian dishes including all sorts of tofu and the famous yuba, Japanese tofu skin. I did enjoy the entire Japanese vegetarian tofu meal, but all the food was a little on the plain side for me. However, it was still very nice, the presentation was beautiful, and the quality was outstanding.

8:43 Tenryu-ji Temple – 500 JPY ($4.16) – After our Japanese tofu lunch we continued on to the Tenryu-ji Temple, and it was still raining, but not nearly as hard as before. The temple is known for having one of the oldest Japanese gardens, and so that’s what I was really interested in seeing. It was quite beautiful.

9:47 Path of Bamboo – Located in Arashiyama, near the Tenryu-ji Temple is one of the most picturesque places and attractions in all of Kyoto, the Path of Bamboo – it’s a pathway that leads through a bamboo forest. The scene is quite beautiful, and definitely a good place to take some photos and enjoy nature.

11:29 Kinkaku-ji Temple – One of the final things we wanted to do in Kyoto on this day was visit the Kinkaku-ji Temple, and so we took a series of buses to get there, which all worked out smoothly. The Kinkaku-ji Temple was incredibly busy, so it wasn’t nearly as nice as it could have been had it been quiet and peaceful.

14:10 Japanese Supermarket Dinner – Finally for dinner, we headed back to our area of Kyoto, and we stopped by at a supermarket and bought some things to eat back at home. It’s fun to eat at restaurants, but it’s also really fun to buy food from a Japanese supermarket and eat it as well – there are so many good things to eat.

Thank you for watching Day 9 in Japan, where we did some attraction sightseeing in Kyoto, and also did some eating.


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  1. Can somebody explain how to eat this course? Like which dish to start first and which dip to use and the which order to eat these dishes? Im Asian ( non Japanese) but i think that Japanese course meals have a way for it to be eaten…

  2. Love your show altho….Indonesian food was not….no. seeing animals on table…such as the pig/ cooked etc was so undignified!
    Yes we do need to eat meat. But not displayed in such a very undignified manner. ( bad enough to slaughter the animal) sorry….didn't like that video. It should be censored.

  3. The bamboo forest was absolutely breathtaking and the rain really seemed to compliment the pond. Japan has true natural beauty.

  4. Fyi.i love the ways u use slurping or one biter it's more like down-to-earth type of describing how you're going to eat or how it's going to happen and it's really awesome to hear that

  5. By watching your videos I feel like I get to hang with y'all, and I just love that! Thank you so much for sharing! Your Japanese series & your Greek series are my absolute favorites so far! Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Mark, You should’ve gone to the restaurant called “Shigetsu” that is located in Tenryuji. They serve “Shoujin-ryori”. Which is the traditional monk meal with no animal products. it’s the real deal and delicious.
    I love your videos. Keep it up and take care on your trip:)

  7. I like your vlog man, but it's a bit of an exaggeration that you like everything and always this stupid grin on your face! Regardless of what the food is. ALWAYS! sometimes it's okay to upgrade, refresh, rethink…

  8. No・・!!There is no need to put on soy sauce
    when you eat chawan mushi (Savory egg custard) Sorry no explanation from the restaurant

  9. gave a thumbs up and enjoyed the video — but the food looked so Good and I know nothing about what You ate or how to eat it . Your Videos have always been more informative.

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