Bangkok to Osaka, Japan (& the Surprise Chicken Sashimi)

Bangkok to Osaka, Japan (& the Surprise Chicken Sashimi)
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0:22 Meal at home in Bangkok – To begin this Osaka, Japan food video series, I started off at home in Bangkok and had a delicious lunch. My mother in law and wife cooked a roasted fish, and Thai seafood sauce to go with it. I also enjoyed a plate of Thai eggplant salad. The fish was incredibly juicy, cooked to perfection and paired with the sour garlicky chili sauce, it was delicious.

5:28 Trip from Bangkok to Osaka, Japan – We took an Uber X to Bangkok’s Don Muaeng Airport, where we caught our flight with Air Asia X with a direct flight from Bangkok to Osaka. The flight took about 5.5 hours, and it was actually quite a good flight. The airplane was nice and new and very comfortable. We arrived to Osaka’s Kansai International Airport. From there, you could either take the train to Namba station area in Tokyo, but since we were heading to Umeda, we decided to take bus #5. The bus ride from Kansai International Airport to Umeda station in Osaka took about 45 minutes and we arrived to the New Hankyu Hotel where the bus dropped us off.

9:00 Chicken Sashimi (first meal in Osaka) – After meeting up with Dwight ( @bkkfatty) we took a walk over to an area called Nakazakicho, not too far from Umeda, and close to where we were going to be staying in Osaka. We arrived to a walking street, famous in the area for its nightlife spots, including izakaya bars and restaurant, some of which are open late into the night. Most of the street was closed when we arrived, but there were a few restaurants open and we chose to eat at a restaurant that served what we thought was skewers of grilled chicken called yakitori. We ordered some yakitori, and since we had just arrived from Bangkok to Osaka, we decided to also order a plate of sashimi – we did just fly to Japan afterall! We thought we’d be getting a plate of assorted fish sashimi… but after our order of sashimi arrived to our table… we figured out the restaurant we were eating at was an ALL chicken restaurant. Yes, we had an entire plate of chicken sashimi including different parts of the chicken, all sliced up. Some of the pieces were completely raw while others were just slightly cooked around the edges. It was an interesting experience.

14:24 Second Meal in Osaka – After finishing the chicken sashimi, we headed over to another restaurant that was open at 2 am to eat another small meal. The restaurant was homely and everyone was very nice. We ordered some stir fried dishes, kind of like Japanese Chinese comfort food. The food was all good and the family that ran the restaurant were all very nice and friendly – this is where I got my first taste of Osaka hospitality and friendliness!

Dwight had already pre-booked an apartment on Airbnb, and so we headed back to his apartment for the night, in the Nakatsu area of Osaka.



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  1. okay, ewww on the raw chicken. there is no safe raw chicken where I am from, so I cannot wrap my mind around it. I have read comments that it is safe there, but no way I would eat it, because of how I have been raised I could not do it and it does not look good to me. I do greatly enjoy your videos, and the fact that you eat things that we do not is very educational. The last place you ate looks better to me.

  2. Mark, you're just the best!! I love watching your videos, it just make me happy… you seem like a really nice guy! All the best!

  3. Hi mark, you should have a compilation of your most shocking and strangest food like the raw goat kidney, raw chicken gizzards and more…. that will be interesting ?

  4. Mark, I absolutely love and enjoy watching your show! I feel as if I’m traveling with you and your wife, eating all these delicious and exciting food and visiting the world!?

  5. Dude it don't matter how u raise your chicken
    Raw chicken is raw chicken
    It's about the time after it got slaughtered
    There is always a way for bacteria to make its way to raw chicken
    Aka salmonella
    That's just straight up retarded

  6. i had that once where they served it with a kinda Nam jin seafood sauce but it was bright green, but i had it so long ago i cant for the life of me remember the name of that sauce if you know what i am talking about please tell me what it is called

  7. aw I ' m surprised with eating at the restaurant often I assumed your wife didn't know how to cook …but your meal looks so good your videos

  8. Sorry but anyone who was raised knowing that you can't even let raw chicken TOUCH your other food that isn't being cooked does NOT just grab a huge mouthful of raw chicken, shove it in h/er mouth with no hesitation and then act like s/he's eating the most delicious thing ever encountered. Sorry. The faces here are WAY over-exaggerated. And to the person who is trying to sell us on the concept of "sushi-grade chicken"…just stop.

  9. i've watch some video. witch is actualy good. But at some point it got anoying the way he always react when eating something. Lean the head to the right , close the eyes, watch aways and come back with a smile … always, always, always… i dont know , it just seem fake and dont realy mean anything at the end. its just anoying and scrap everything. the video are good but i can barely watch an entire video cause of this anoying habit.

  10. Mark , every per day i watch your videos at least 10 to 15 videos. I really like to invite you india. Please come one more time to india i will show you my city foods and interesting location…
    Please reply on my comment.

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