Incredible Moroccan Food and Tunisian Fry Bread Sandwich – AMAZING FOOD in Ashdod!

Incredible Moroccan Food and Tunisian Fry Bread Sandwich - AMAZING FOOD in Ashdod!
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We took a day trip to Ashdod, Israel, and it was only a short drive from Tel Aviv. We first stopped at an amazing Aunty who is known for her Moroccan food. We then had an incredible Tunisian sandwich in Ashdod, before finishing with a gourmet fish lunch.

“The Old Lady” – There’s no restaurant name, but setting up around 11 am in a small park in Ashdod, this Aunty serves some unbelievable Moroccan Jewish food. We ordered a plate of tuna stewed in chili and a plate of mixed beef parts, mostly tongue and head meat, stewed in the same chili. It was one of the best meals I ate in Israel.
Total price – 80 ILS ($22.33)

Mauris Tunisian Frikase – Another legendary hold in the wall food spot you have to try when you’re in Ashdod is Mauris Tunisian Frikase, a type of fry bread sandwich. The bread is fried then filled with a variety of harissa, vegetables and tuna. Mauris also insisted I try some Boukha, a Tunisian fig spirit. The combo was awesome.
Frikase – 30 ILS ($8.37)

Pescado Restaurant – Finally for lunch we drove over to Pescado, a gourmet fish restaurant. The owner’s family has a fishing industry, so that’s why they have such a good source of best quality fish from the Mediterranean. The food was fresh and excellent. I enjoyed the fusion of Middle Eastern and Japanese cooking ingredients and techniques.
Total price – 400 ILS ($111.63)

And that completes our Ashdod food tour. Food was amazing, my favorite was the amazing elderly lady who cooks Moroccan food that will blow your taste buds!

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  1. You want really good foods? A grandmother aunt mother are some of the best cooks/chefs ever.. Homecooked With Lots Of Care Pride & Love

  2. The man who made the frikase sounds like a bad man that get easily annoyed.(i am from israel so im understanding what they are saying)

  3. @8: 35 what a con Jewish artist – there's nothing original/unique in that dam sandwich that could be attributed to anyone!

  4. I would have loved to see Mark in Puerto Rico….people there make the pig but on the ground…They cook it under ground…Its amazing and coffee in wooden cups its so fresh from the farms ect…ITs got blood sausage.ect…The island has great food and Im not sure if you (Mark) have tried the food off the beautiful island and the fish of its waters….Im from there smiles- Thank you for the Videos Mark its amazing to learn new dishes everytime…AMAZING!!!!! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ..Your son is so adorable and wife!..Love you all!

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