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Hi guys!!!!

I hope ya’ll enjoy this casual, rambly video of my everyday fails and funny stories! This was so much fun to make! Sorry about the camera being in and out of focus, there wasn’t much I could do by the time I actually saw the footage 🙁 Still, I hope you guys had a laugh and COMMENT DOWN BELOW with which story you think is a lie! I’ll reveal the lie next week (or the next time I make a story time video)! Cheers, love ya! xxxxx

Hi, I’m Brenda! I’m 20, from Singapore. Currently, I’m a freshman in the National University of Singapore under the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I post videos every week about whatever I feel like talking about! If you like my videos and want to see more, please hit the subscribe button next to my name because it keeps me motivated to produce better content 🙂 Feel free to click the thumbs up and leave a comment down below of what you’d like to see next. Thank you once again for watching my videos, you can find me on my other social media platforms if you need to reach me. Have a blissful day! x

Some other ways to find and contact me:
▶ E-MAIL: wordweed@gmail.com
▶ BLOG: http://wordweed.blogspot.com
▶ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/wordweed
▶ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/wordweed
▶ SNAPCHAT: @wtfisair
▶ ASK ME ANYTHING: http://ask.fm/wtfisair

▹ I film and edit everything myself!


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  1. Omg i just found you and im binge watching your videos !! Love your vids! ?? also gosh the girl in the 3rd story while hearing what she did i cursed in my head ?

  2. Glad to have found someone who is the same as me haha! I really hate wearing clothes in the bathroom too. And I thought I'm the only fussy person in the world XD

  3. Hey Brenda! I came across your 'Worst Tinder date' video which was really really interesting and I started browsing through the rest of your vids! I really love this concept of story telling and all these happenings in your life were really funny . Youre a really bubbly and fun person and I look forward to more of your videos! 🙂

  4. Mayb u can do vlogs? Like random snippets of yr daily life or anything? U re jus so funny hope there s more random stuff besides makeup haul too! ??

  5. Please make more videos!! U re so funny man.. I think the 2nd one s fake?Coz u had to pause and think of it for a moment. Haha. Or it's kinda partially true lol. Charismatic as a pencil!! ? Yr humour lvl hahaha damn on point.

  6. am i the only one who doesnt actually care which is fake or not bcos she's actually really captivating when she tells story…? anyway your third story made me a little mad too ?

  7. Hi Brenda!!! Rly enjoyed this vid, storytelling skills on point! Maybe u figured it out but using manual focus should help. Not sure if locking focus works on video but that's Sth else that's out there I suppose….

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