Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs
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There’s a war being waged – a top-secret and high-tech war that humans are blissfully unaware of! It’s the eternal war between the two great armies of Cats and Dogs! The plot of the Cat army to destroy a new vaccine that, if developed, would destroy all human allergies to Dogs, is uncovered and the Dogs fight back to prevent the Cats from succeeding in their quest for domination! Includes cutting-edge CGI and animatronic special effects, with the voice talents of Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Alec Baldwin (“Pearl Harbor”, “Nuremberg”), Academy and Golden Globe nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (“See Spot Run”, “The Green Mile”) and Joe Pantoliano (“The Sopranos”, “The Matrix”). MPAA Rating: PG Ω 2001 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved


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  1. I just wish cats would stop always being the evil ones why is it always the cats? Can't just once [Dont be offended if you like dogs] It be the dogs that are evil and the cats that are nice I mean cats are very small [Leave out lions tigers and the big cats] And cute Why are the dogs always the nice one? To me dogs are jerks because I got attacked by one and people get killed by dogs and people are the jerks when they say cats are jerks I just wish cats would stop being evil all the time and just once be a movie where the dogs are evil and the cats are nice [Okay Sorry about that there for being dramatic]

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