40 Examples of bad car and truck driving skills #652

40 Examples of bad car and truck driving skills #652
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Examples of bad car and truck driving skills #652 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I think I learned the rules of Russian driving
    1. Vodka
    2. If you're driving, don't stop. Someone may crash into you.
    3. If you have to turn, turn.
    4. If nobody is in front of you, floor it.
    5. If somebody is in front of you, go around.

  2. 9:48 – Вот в России… блеать… такие вот нужно делать пешеходные переходы. А иначе – люди просто не понимают что такое "пешеходный блеать переход". Просто скоты тупорылые (множество, увы), которые покупают за копейки, какие-то там права непонятные.

    На самом деле того будет мало… нужно хотя бы еще, в добавок, колючие шипы у пешеходного перехода, что бы водители ПОНЯЛИ, что гонять не стоит в таких серьезных местах.

    Будьте здоровы! 😉

  3. Bikers cutting through the center of two lanes of traffic and then getting hit because they aren't behaving like traffic… tough titty.

  4. 7:31 why do people do that? I see that very often. Why are these people so stupid and retarded like who goes infrost of a car and just slam the brake and get out and try to scare them. These people needs to learn how to drive.

  5. On the last clip with the road with all the speed bumps they never showed that at the end of that road was a "Pep Boys" and "Midas" where everyone could get a new suspension.

  6. I wonder what makes Baldilocks with the pointy finger think that someone else gives a flying fuck about his ass. Knock him 30 feet in the air and be done with him.

  7. If an idiot wrecks the only reason I'm stopping is to laugh & ask if it was 'worth it?'. Oh, and of course to wait so I can be a witness & tell law enforcement about their stupidity. Can't actually expect these asses to be honest.

  8. на 7:35 тупой осёл. Взял и поехал назад да ещё и в право ударил вообще не в чём не виновного человека. Ехал бы себе в перёд, был бы прав (так как его подрезал ушлёпок и ушлёпок виновен), а так виновен в дтп.

  9. If you see the whole motorcycle / lorry clip, the guy is swooping in and out of traffic at 90+ mph at times, then blames the lorry because he was going too fast to react

  10. I hate those vids at crossroads where you can't see who has the right of way. I want to blame sb for their stupidity but I don't know who's falt it was 🙁

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