Stupid Drivers Moments and Car Funny Videos 2017 #699

Stupid Drivers Moments and Car Funny Videos 2017 #699
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Stupid Drivers Moments and Car Funny Videos 2017 #699 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. ласт видео вери найс))) тока я не врубилсо, в чём прикол. месть какая-то штоле..
    сначала думал баба за рулём. потом бухой. потом бухая баба
    в итоге хуй пойми чо))) расхуячили магазин, взяли водички и по съёбам))) наркоманы какие-то млять))

  2. 0:30 It looks like the passenger falls out of the window before the van rolls onto its side. That can't be good.
    0:45 Apparently that's not the first time someone has come over that island like that.
    1:00 Lucky!
    1:50 Lucky!
    2:10 Who has the green light?
    8:05 Police chase?

  3. last clip goes to show how worthless American police force is. They where there for probably 5 to 10min and not a single cop showed up. their job is to literally stop things like this and taking so long to respond when a stolen vehicle is involved they rarely catch the ppl also because the training for cops focus more on these traffic laws designed to stop and search ppl illegally with no crime being committed or being suspected of committing. soon American gov will rule and they will nuke the entire world. Americans are to stupid and blinded by fear to realize they are voting our rights away one by one all because their iq is way below average.

  4. Omg make sure your insurance is paid up hope we won’t need to get it out. Plus I hope we do not get a lot of snow. I’m not ready for this cold weather and bad drivers.😷🍀✌️

  5. My first impression about the last video was that it was probably a crazy vengeance against someone or against an ex-working place… nope, just a stupid cans stealing while scarifying a pickup for it.

  6. 0:45
    Did this guy really use technology to alter the sound of his voice? Is he afraid someone's gonna identify his voice and threaten him for putting this video on YouTube?

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