Raising A Baby Squirrel By Hand – A Childhood Dream

Raising A Baby Squirrel By Hand - A Childhood Dream
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Hello everyone! It’s all about an overload of sweetness this time… and not even a bird!
Please feel welcome to come up with a name for this cute little animal in the comments… or like others’ suggestions that you like.

We will select five of them and make the squirrel choose 🙂
So here he is, my childhood dream come true.
Raising this little fellow was a cuteness overload…
He is so funny.
I got this new friend as a baby because that’s the only way he can become really tame and totally used to people.

If you get inspired… Please take note that raising a squirrel this way will take a full month of your life…day and night.
When he is older he needs lots and lots of space. He can not be held in a cage.

Enjoy watching!

All music through audionetwork.
Songs in this video:
– “Distant Call” by David Kelly
– “Soft as Velvet” by Paul Mottram
– “Love is home” by Jake Shillingford & Nicholas Evans


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  1. In a glas container com on dude wtf buld somthing for him tru your entire house en make a movie about that ? Now i only have a sad feeling because i see that little guy is trapt

  2. 9 months ago (I think) I found a baby squirrel who had fallen out of a tree I was very surprised that he was still alive so I stayed up all night looking after him I treated him well and was ready to keep him as my pet i even fed him I was so excited, but then I went to go hang out with a friend and my mom called I answered and she said that the squirrel wasn’t moving I was very scared and worried so I went back home to see his dead lifeless body I buried him that same day.

  3. I remember when I was in my yard and I heard my dog slightly bark. I saw her with two baby squirrels. She took care of them and they were one boy and one girl so we named them floof and fluff. They lived happy little lives as babies but we had to release them into the wild but floof wouldn't leave. So we kept floof and fluff would visit from time to time. Sweetie was a very happy chihuahua back then!

  4. It's loves you and needs you to help it survive? And it needs to stay clean and warm? Look how awesome you are? For taking the time to care for a squirrel?

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