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Passengers knocks out TWO aggressive drivers, all caught on someones dashcam! That and MORE customers vs employees, crazy neighbors, drunk vs sober and one or two family friendly =)

THESE are some of the craziest public freakouts I tracked down during the month of May 2019!

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  1. Thought that bouncer was about to go full Ahmed Johnson and give that homeless drunk guy the Pearl River Plunge

  2. Also the pet service thing, there are a lot of clips I’ve seen where people ask to pet their dogs and you know some people honestly do not realize you are not supposed to play with service dogs, that they are working SO don’t be such an asshole. I don’t know what happened in this videos situation cuz it was filmed after but I’ve seen a few where the person freaks out like DONT TOUCH HIM! HES NOT TO PET and to children – they don’t know, I didn’t know there was such thing until I came to America at 14, if I got yelled at like that I woulda been like what the hell is your problem too~

  3. Not gonna lie, I can kind of understand the lady yelling at the people about their kids riding their bikes on the street – I live next to a middle school and these little shits think it’s funny to ride their bikes in a big group on the road and sometimes in front of cars. Cars honk and yell at them but these kids think they are so cool yelling back “you’re not my mom, you don’t own the road” one kid almost got beat up from a grown adult and I thought that was ridiculous so I just stay patient and try my best to not yell or purposely run over little 13 year olds. Hopefully the school or community here will do something about this shit. I don’t want to lol

  4. Dear God, I cannot imagine what it would be like to go home at the end of a day to any of those mouthy, obnoxious, entitled and catastrophically stupid heifers. I genuinely feel sorry for their husbands and kids.

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