Pit Bull Puppy Keeps Waiting For A Family To Love Her | The Dodo

Pit Bull Puppy Keeps Waiting For A Family To Love Her | The Dodo
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Lily is a gorgeous, affectionate, big lanky puppy who’s been waiting over a year to find her forever family. She was rescued as a baby from living in a backyard 24/7 and adopted quickly — but her adopters returned her when she started having issues with other dogs. She’s been working SO hard on her training and is super smart. Lily loves running and cuddling and needs to be the only pup in her home. Let’s find her the perfect family!!!

For anyone interested in adopting Lily, visit her Petfinder page: https://thedo.do/adoptlily. Thanks to the Franklin Angus Fund for helping Lily get to camp: https://www.facebook.com/Franklin-Angus-Fund-365576414288122/.

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  1. She's such a cute girl! She looks like my boy, he's a pit mix too, and i got him at the shelter! He's a very good boy. 🙂 My two dogs are my children. They are laying in bed in with me right now. They are spoiled babies. 🙂

  2. When this nice adorable caring and loving dog gets a forever home please give us an update. I eish o could have her bit i already have a pitbull and a chiwawa. I love dogs and people not taking in a dog to a loving family makes me sad. But i am a huge fan to The Dodo

  3. I'll never stop blame uneducated owners!!!
    this old, stupid misconception that a dog was once a wolf so every dog is social and needs a pack has to come an end, or Lily's problems will never stop occurring!!!

    some dog breeds (bull type dogs especially) are not supposed to be comfortable nor friendly around unknown animals, people included (because once they were intended as working dogs, so we spend centuries to select them that way), and some others just have an introvert or not social nature

    It's normal, it happens to people as well…

    all we can do is embrace this fact and work around it with some basic socialization training, and not forcing them in stressful situations (a stressful dog is a potentially dangerous dog, no matter the size, the breed, the temper! a stressful dog is also always our fault, no nonsense)

    if you can't avoid you dog to feel stressed, you're probably not a suitable owner for that breed
    if you want a dog to unleash at the dog park "sans souci" (and sans training) so he can instantly be BFF with every single life form nearby, including grass stalks, you're probably not a suitable owner for a bull type dog (and I'll be careful with poodles too… there's a fair chance that you'll end up with a dominant freak who terrorizes the whole dog park…)

    sorry for the rant, I'm not very patient with certain forms of stupidity, and to see this poor, sweet little girl ruined by that pains me more than I can tell


  5. I can kinda picture her with her teeth going through a baby's neck but then again not everyone should be allowed to have a pitbull specially if it needs extensive training to not kill other dogs

  6. Je souhaite à Lily de trouver rapidement une famille tendre et aimante qui saura bien s'occuper d'elle et lui apporter amour et tendresse💗🐶.

  7. Reminds me so much of my last dog. Didn't like other dogs but loved cats. I think other dogs make the jealous and possibly irritated. Cats don't jump on them or run at them so they're not so annoying.

  8. My big dude was a shelter pup from a different state and 7 when I got him. He's also not good around big dogs and have had to work with him. He's better, but still not very good. There's absolutely nothing wrong with these types of dogs. They've just been through some ruff stuff and can be the only pup in the household. They deserve a wonderful forever as much as any other pup 😀😁😀😁😀

  9. I live in Mexico so I’m too far , but many of you that live in US adopt her or share this so she can finally has a family

  10. Other dogs are making me stressed, come on, she's aggressive, don't try to make it sound better, she's aggressive towards the dogs, and that's it. Don't think I'm a pit bull hater, I am an owner of one pit bull and Amstaff, and they both love dogs, cats, people, but Amstaff doesn't like children, so he is aggressive towards children. And no I can't say kids make him nervous, kids do this, do that, they do make them nervous and that's why he is aggressive. But don't make it sound better, please 😂

  11. Look for Clear The Shelters day in your area. You can adopt a faithful friend they will sterilize, vaccinate, deworm and microwave chip your new friend for Zero dollars! Then go walk in the sun with your buddy! It is the most happiest peaceful adventurous thing ever ✨💛🌅💙👣❤️🐾🐾✨

  12. She s amazing and I would take here immediately but I already have a male dog and two cats.. and I' m in Italy 🤔.. Hope you get your family soon lil'one!

  13. How many of these pits are " trained" rehomed and kill a child or tear an adult's arm off. She adorable, yeah right she a hyperactive poorly bred, miserably started dog who may well ruin a family's life some day. I have not been attacked once but 2x walking down the street in our little town by pits such as this. The 1st time is was my husband and self the next was my disabled son and his very well loved and trained therapy dog.

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