Idiot Drivers & Wet Road on Dashcam (Hydroplaning) – Cars and Semi Truck Driving Fails 2017

Idiot Drivers & Wet Road on Dashcam (Hydroplaning) - Cars and Semi Truck Driving Fails 2017
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Idiot Drivers & Wet Road on Dashcam (Hydroplaning) – Cars and Semi Truck Driving Fails 2017 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. Smart drivers + good cars/tyres = GOOD
    Bad drivers + good cars/tyres = Meeeeh
    Smart drivers + bad cars/tyres = OK
    Bad drivers + bad cars/tyres = BAD
    RETARDED drivers + bad cars + plastic tyres = EVERY SINGLE CCTUBE VIDEO EVER

  2. These are all good examples of why you should know the limits of your tires ability to maintain traction under adverse conditions, and how to react appropriately to exceeding those limits. Prior to venturing onto a roadway.

  3. Most of those cases could be solved with 2 simple things:
    Better tires
    Less over-correcting

    Poor bastards. Hope they were all ok.

  4. Автор видео не понимает смысла аквапланирования. Там из всего ролика реально было одно (ОДНО!) аквапланирование. Объясняю: аквапланирование – это потеря сцепления при езде на мокрой дорогепри езде ПРЯМО, без поворота, или с очень небольшим поворотом, на достаточно толстом слое воды, когда вода не успевает выдавливаться из пятна сцепления колеса с дорогой. Вследствие чего а/м продолжает ехать прямо, не вписываясь в поворот, с последующим заносом или столкновением, или закручиванием машины. А на видео почти все фрагменты – просто аварии из-за потери сцепления с дорогой на мокрой дороге.

  5. I hate hydroplaning…especially on snow/slush…. did it many times in my youth (havn't done it in almost 30 years… knock on wood). Probably the most helpless feeling there is. Now i drive slower in bad conditions. To those saying about bald tires… you can lose grip with good tires too… see a few of the deep puddles those cars hit.

  6. When will so called drivers realise that you have slow down in adverse weather conditions, more so if your driving a car with low profile tyres, tint rocket science ffs

  7. Okay, people. When you start skidding in a front wheel drive car, do NOT let off the gas. That will spin you out. the secret is to keep constant, steady pressure on the accelerator. That will pull you through the skid and straighten you out. The reverse is true for rear wheel drive cars, but most of the cars in these videos are front wheel drive. Your reactions need to be opposite of your natural instinct.

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