Hope For Paws: Stray dog walks into a yard and then collapses…

Hope For Paws: Stray dog walks into a yard and then collapses...
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Please help us save more dogs like Milo and make a small donation: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
Thank you Cause for SB Paws for finding him such an amazing home! They have many more beautiful dogs for adoption, so

please check them out here: http://www.CauseForSBpaws.org

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  1. I'm actually 42.5% indian and i've never been to india. My mum told me storys about how many starving dog's there are. Almost every street is filled with homeless dog's. I also come from a poor family and I can't afford to give them all homes so I am planning to go there on a trip with so much food and feed them all and give them toy's and the love they deserve. You guy's really encourage me

  2. I'm always amazed at how dogs are so loving and trusting aven after being neglected and abandoned. They're absolutely amazing.

  3. Hppe for paws does amazing work!! You guys both make my day and make me cry.
    I can tell how dedicated these people are, they never show their faces, there not out there for how many likes or subscribers they can get. I truly admire them and hope to do the same once I'm healthy enough. Tell you the truth I desperately need a dog in my life, my counselor is looking into getting me a therapy dog I want a rescue of course!! Thank you and bless you HOPE FOR PAWS FOREVER,!!!

  4. I didn't understand the whole dog lover community until Happy just walk into my life. Now I completely understand what they mean by man's best friend! I've never had nor will i ever have a friend as good as Happy. I don't go anywhere without him.

  5. I can’t stop sending comments to you but. there’s something I know it’s that animals are just like us there cute fluffy and kind they once saved me from drowning well that was when I was two

  6. It makes me want to cry when animals are hurt because the kind spirit in animals just makes me love them. But it’s to bad I have no pets but I’m getting guide pigs soon

  7. The country I am from there are so many lost dogs. My grandpa has saved three already. And once they escaped and started to fight other dogs and my grandma walked calmly up to the fighting pack of GERMAN SHEPERDS and got a massive bite on leg while stopping the fight. Risking her life to save a massive German sheperd.

  8. How can there be so many darkhearted viewer's (👎'rs) I personally will send each one of you a one-way ticket to San Francisco, drive you to the Golden Gate Bridge and push each of you off!

  9. my god! you guys/gals are angels for the animals out there…i have watched alot of your vids, think i need to do my part in cumbria UK,..i love dogs/cats, so i need to do my part in helping them, its time to put hand from heart to pocket and do my bit to help out with volunteering and fostering these vulnerable little waifs…i have 2 dogs who mean the world to me and my wife…she has always wanted to take in the dogs that have been offered away on Facebook etc..due to peeps not wanting them anymore, it breaks her heart as a pet is for life and love, not to be thrown away like a bit of trash!
    how a so called human being can be so callous to a loving, trusting animal is beyond me, its breaks my heart…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! well done 😀

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