GIANT Greek Meat Feast – Food in Athens!

GIANT Greek Meat Feast - Food in Athens!
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Here’s where to eat a Greek meat and seafood feast in Athens!
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Thank you very much to Vivian & Dianna for taking us to eat two amazing lunches in Athens! They also have a design company:

NOTE: I didn’t include prices in this video because Vivian & Dianna graciously paid for everything. But my guess is that each meal was somewhere between 30 – 40 EUR (maybe a bit more for the seafood feast?), judging from other food I ate in Athens.

Taverna Agrinio – The first Greek meat restaurant we went to is called Taverna Agrinio, known for their variety of grilled Greek meat. They cut us up a selection of all the different meats, and put them on a paper platter and topped it all with fries and oregano. It was an amazing Greek food feast!

Taverna Moschos ΜΟΣΧΟΣ (Ο) – Next, we went to go eat Greek seafood at Taverna Moschos ΜΟΣΧΟΣ (Ο), one of Vivian & Dianna favorite restaurants in Athens. Again, the owner was very nice, and we ordered a feast of seafood including fish, squid, and Greek style octopus which was one of my favorites.

Le Greche – For dessert we went to Le Greche to eat gelato.

Thank you Vivian & Dianna for 2 amazing lunches!

In the afternoon, I wanted to get a little exercise in and decided to go walk around the Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library, and finished with Monastiraki Square.

Another fantastic day of Greek food and sightseeing attractions in Athens, Greece!

Thank you for watching this Greek food tour of Athens!

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  1. haha you have stolen from the Turks. This is similar to kokarec. Greeks steal everything from the Turks. Imagine something slow yourself becomes embarrassing

  2. I gotta check out Greece soon and explore for foods….you got me convince, beside touring the area….hmmnnn…I wonder how's the street foods too….love the video….

  3. مفتاح🔑 السعادة😻



    ان ترضي بما قسمه الله لك ❤

  4. The intestine roll is eaten exactly like this in my father's hometown in Southern Italy. Of course these two geographical regions influenced each other(there are even Greek villages close to the coast)

  5. Mark you made me to crave that magnificent Greek food. I will go to that destination this summer. Greek people are so hospitalary, they treat you like family, beautiful place and amazing people. Great video, thank you Mark!

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