Best Fails of the Week: Fails on the Road (March 2018) #741 | CCTube

Best Fails of the Week: Fails on the Road (March 2018) #741 | CCTube
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Best Fails of the Week: Fails on the Road (March 2018) #741 | CCTube – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. And I thought New York had the biggest idiots driving…Those Eastern Europeans really take the cake; how does one figure that you can drive 80 miles per hour in the snow and sleet???
    Well, perhaps too much vodka.

  2. 4:47 is great because you see that Lada creeping along, and you think you know what happens. But the narrative takes an unexpected twist!

  3. 99.9% sure the first clip of the Cadillac and the truck was in Utah. Utards are stupid and cannot drive. Low Life degenerates of the nation live in Utah

  4. 1:54 hahahahaha what a jacka$$
    4:32 what was that moron trying to do??
    5:52 idiot cuts someone off, then decides its a great idea to slow down for no reason. good thing the other driver had a dash cam.
    6:50 a$$hole punches the wrong window, he should be smashing the car thats blocking the road.

  5. cuando una mujer que va al lado del chofer grita por un choque inminente el chofer no solo despierta sino que produce una fuerte cantidad de adrenalina que le ayuda a reaccionar , eso no pasaría si su acompañante es Stan Laurel

  6. Time 5:00. Translated to English it means bloody Russians can't drive for shit. You don't need any other country on YouTube to watch the most idiotic drivers, only Russia. They might have the best hackers but when it comes to driving they don't know where the brakes are

  7. The crash at 4.40 is in NSW, Australia. A 93 yr old driver did a U-turn on the highway (we drive on the left). You can see them on the on-ramp, then obviously decided they wanted to go in the opposite direction…….

  8. This is why I’d like to see someone try to Hit my moms car and run cause her call would pull on them easily

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